Still on Hive, it would seem...

         Everyone loves a good origin story. In the infinite span of random posts on this chain, at least something like this will be original. That is, until someone copies it and try to pretend it's their own story. Oh, I've seen it all too many times.

My First Crypto

         Of course, Hive (then Steem) was not my first interaction with crypto. I've been tip toeing into crypto since 2012. I'm most likely one of Coinbase's earliest customers. Even then, I didn't find it on my own. My roommate, who is my best friend still, introduced me to Bitcoin back in 2012. He wasn't an enthusiast. It was more like college dude found something interesting and shared it with his roomies.

         Soon, we were doing faucets and stuff for those mBTCs. In hindsight, that'd have been a lot of money had we kept up. I exited BTC near the end of the 2013 cycle. I didn't sell at the top, but I managed to muster enough funds to get through my unpaid internship. This was on top of working part-time on the side.

         Unfortunately, I did not choose to get involve with crypto again, thinking I got lucky that cycle. Fast forward to 2017, another friend, from the same roommate circle, told me he was in BTC again. I didn't have enough funds to make meaningful purchases at the time. So, I settled for some accumulation. In hindsight, it actually wasn't a bad idea given Bitcoin's current price. No, I didn't sell at the top of 2017, I didn't have enough crypto to matter.

Intro to Hive

         I learned about Hive from @someguy123. On occasion, he used to share about his ventures on the chain in the LTC Discord. I was looking for something social media related at the time and he gave me a quick run down of the ecosystem. Of course, I opted to sign up via STINC's faucet.

         When I looked back, giving out some of my info was not the best move. Not that it matters, most of us had given out our information for less. And in that screen shot, you could see some of my first actions on the chain. Those were back in March 2018.

2220+ Pages Later

         Since then, I have accumulated over 2220 pages of actions on the chain. My history here is not that glamorous. Some hate my guts to the extreme, for better or worse. I first found myself caught in the Bernie-Haejin drama. This prompted me to align myself with people like @anthonyadavisii.

         I found myself doing some anti-abuse activity with some volunteers. Participated in @utopian-io when it was still a thing. Little by little, I find myself deviate from the boring, and often thankless, gig of anti-abuse. This doesn't mean I won't lend downvotes when the time calls for it.

Why Still Here?

         When I started, I wanted to be an amateur content creator like many people. As time went on, I wanted to do that less and less. The politics are frustrating. The people can sometimes be frustrating as well.

         I'm at a point where I'm only curious to see where this chain goes. Will it continue to limp along as other projects prosper? Or, will it die with a whimper?

         Now, I prefer playing some games, if you could call them that, and looking into passive ventures on Hive. My goal is to phase out of the social scene on the chain altogether at some point. Hive gave me something to do when I needed to reinvent my online persona. It wasn't about the money. It was for the therapeutics, and it's running out of its usefulness.

         Does that mean I will exit? Most likely not. I will still be in the background, Discord and whatnot. My blog is exactly what it entails: a place where I scribble down my thoughts. I don't pretend I'm an upstart content creator or artist. If I do get compensated, great.

         Don't be a maximalist and enjoy the uptrend in crypto.

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