A little RC, perhaps?

         The other day, while I was doing some voting on the STEMGeeks tribe, I came across a scenario I wasn't expecting. Ah, I ran out of RC!

         As you can see, it is the voting account I use for the tribe. For most of us who have alts for tribes, we seldom had to worry before. Granted, at the time, I only had 16HP staked on the account. For years, that proved to be sufficient. With the recent influx of new accounts and rising prices, that amount of HP no longer seems to satisfy.

         Of course, that account does a bit more voting than your typical alt as it does various weighted voting. Because of that, it transacts more than a tribe alt that drops a static weight on everything.

         Lucky for me, it is easy to remedy this issue by powering up and staking more HIVE on the account. After about another 10HP, the account is now stable at around 30-50% RC. If I want to avoid the same situation completely, I may add a bit more HP. After all, everyone gets 20% of their RC refilled every 24 hours.

         Bigger accounts don't usually experience RC problems. They most likely never pay attention to them at all. It's not very noticeable unless you are one of the people that claim account creation tokens.

         For a long time, I was able to claim 6-8 tokens at 100% RC... since I've had over 15K HP. So, while my account continued to grow, it wasn't enough to surpass the relative cost of claiming one token. Now, I'm lucky if I could claim 3.

         It's a good thing! That means there are more activities here on the chain. In order to perform transactions on the chain, people will need more HIVE staked. It's basic necessity. While I don't expect the need for RC alone will drive the prices, it does provide support as it's a basic necessity.

         Hooray for utility!

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