A billion dollar goal || Why dream when you could dreem.

𝖣𝖾𝗌𝗂𝗀𝗇𝖾𝖽 𝗎𝗌𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖼𝖺𝗇𝗏𝖺
My life is passion driven, always been thinking about what is next on my bucket list to achieve. A deep thinker, having a moment of break in my thoughts is something I barely experience. There are a lot of things we humans wish for ranging from luxurious cars and houses, I wouldn't say I don't want this things but it has never been my area of focus. In life we all have dreams, not nightmares but things we wish for regardless of our personal or collective financial capabilities, things we crave. it is all part of what make us humans. although not everyone is born with a silver spoon which makes things a little difficult for most people.

Being a deep thinker it has always been easier for me to highlight the things I need and how I intend to achieve it, every thought and idea flows through my mind at my convenience. so it has never been a matter of what but when I intend to put this ideas into work but it has never been easy. it has always felt good to dream even if it is beyond my reach. in my imagination I create this picture where I put everything i need to achieve, the things I'm passionate about it. every necessary item with living anything out.

I grew up as a wild one, always wishing and aiming for things beyond my reach, in some ways my dad encouraged my idea a lot, I have never been the type to want things that people of my age bracket crave, I have always been a business oriented young man since my childhood days. This influence the type of things I crave and dream for. I remember as a child around 9 years old I was contributing to buy a bicycle of my own, though my parents are not fond of bicycles because of how a lot of children got themselves involved in all type of accident due to riding bicycle. so my parent prevented I and my siblings from having bicycles.

After I realise I could not get myself a bicycle due to my parent, I decided to put the money together with the help of my dad, I started a mini poultry in a cage 😅, I got about 14 boiler chicks. it was around March then, I rare the chicken for about 8 months then I sold them during Christmas period and cooked some😅. knowing how business oriented I'm, I have always find other ways to get myself involved especially in the aspect of livestock farming, I wonder why I didn't study animal husbandry 😅😂.


As I grew older my love for livestock animals grew but I knew how expensive and stressful it is to manage one at a very young age, so i started the one I could manage and afford which is rabbit farm, which I have written about it in a post. the idea did not cross my mind by accident, I never really discussed it. As a kid we had this neighbour that has a lot of pets, I would say he is obsessed with pets, I have never seen someone with that much pet. it is not as if he sells it, I guess he just enjoy keeping them around. Among all his pet there was one I love the most his rabbits, 4 of them but there was one I play with the most I call him Bucky. male rabbits are called a buck, I guess I just added "y" to it, very creative😂.

I enjoyed spending time with Bucky a lot, sometimes I would bring carrots from my house to feed the rabbits, over time my interest in this animals grew. eventually we moved away from that area but the idea of having a rabbit never left my mind. immediately I was able to get some funds before getting admission into Higher institution, I bought 5 rabbits. I have never felt that happy before, I jubilated for days but I never knew female rabbits were more difficult to manage compared to the males. From the 5 rabbits I bought, I managed it till it became a rabbit farm, with the help of my dad ofcourse. with over 75 rabbits now and increasing.


After the success of my rabbit farm at least to an extent, I felt I could venture into other forms of farm animals anyone I could think of and how do I intend to achieve this quite simple but quite costly.

How I plan on achieving this

Firstly don't mind the post title, A billion dollars 😱, that is just an exaggeration😂.

My first point of expansion is having a poultry, it is not as if I love chickens 😂 those creatures are very noisy 😅 but there is a high demand for it in my area, after that I can add other livestock animals. Now let me walk you through some of the details..........

  • 1) The space: When it comes to livestock farming space matters a lot, there is a need for a secured land to prevent them from wild animals. Lucky for me I already got a space though it is not mine it belongs to my dad. it has been an empty fenced field for years, I guess it is time to put it to good use. since there is availability of space there is no need to add it to the expense of making my dreem space.

  • 2) Cages/materials: Cages plays an important role in creating a poultry, I have some left from my rabbit farm but that would not be enough. the last time I checked it, it has become more expensive than it was, the accumulative cost of the cages and roof tops to prevent the cages from Sun and rain at least, including some feeding materials that will last a year $1276. it is just a tough estimate because the way inflation is affecting prices of things in my country the cost might be have increased by tomorrow.

  • 3) Workers: Manage the rabbit farm was easy till their number increased and also I had to resume school, during that period of time my dad was managing it but there are sometimes he was kind of busy with other stuff, eventually I had to get someone to work in the rabbit farm with addition of a poultry, I'm going to need every help I can get. at least a worker $27 for a month and $324 in a year.

There is a particular livestock farm in Abeokuta called "TAGS FARM", It is one of the best and well coordinated livestock farm I have ever seen, it is like an animal zoo. it is the kind of livestock farm I would love to replicate. So when you talk about a dreem space, for me this is what it means.

This write-up was inspired by dreemport challenge "Dreem space"


All pictures used are mine or else indicated otherwise

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