Money Where it Matters


Two years ago the most expensive thing I bought for myself was a pair of running shoes. It wasn't that I wasn't spending, just not on myself as I had some financial commitments and obligations to meet, leaving little for self care or even savings after they have been taken care of.

Very little has changed in terms of those obligations over the last few years, but my mindset towards it is a lot more reactive than it was. While acknowledging the need to fulfill our obligations and commitments with the little resources we have, care must also be taken to ensure that we practice a bit of self care along the way and spend some of our hard earned money on ourselves.

This doesn't necessarily mean going on a shopping spree or spending ostentatiously, just that we need to acknowledge that the resources we have worked hard to make available should also be a source of joy to us. To many people that definition differs, It could mean a nice time out with family or even a little increase in ostentations.

Long Term Now

Apart from financial commitments and obligations, another side of it is those who work with a long term focus and neglect the needs of the immediate. Some needs can be deferred, but certainly some need to be met urgently. Take for instance those who deprive themselves of a quality lifestyle (food, clothing, shelter), often going for the cheapest option available irrespective of the quality. Such a move is bound to backfire and pose a health concern in the long run.

Sacrifices are of course very important to attaining any goals, financial ones included. Yet the sacrifice must not be too costly else it becomes guilty of the sin of neglect. We must not neglect our present selves in the quest for a better future, or satisfying those around us.

Another thing I have observed is that people tend to mistake self care money to mean money for luxuries or ostentations. For me, it is rather the kind of spending that improves our physical, mental emotional, or spiritual well-being. It could be a new book, running shoes in my case, nice time our with loved ones, or even buying gifts for those closest to us, anything that seems like money well spent.

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