It Will Get to Your Turn


The relative success of Splinterlands has certainly grabbed the attention of the hive community. For those who invested in this game, they look set for a bountiful harvest in the medium term if the growth trajectory can continue.

Usually when a Token off the Hive chain attains some level of success, it usually generates sufficient enough interest to attract new users into their platform. Splinterlands has been no different considering its rise in users within and outside the hive community. However, Splinterlands represent a tough sell for those who aren't gamers as it a specialized token.

Some people may jump on board due to FOMO even when they have no prior interest in the offering (non gamers). Some may end up liking it while for some it becomes a chore. With the multiple tokens on offer here on this platform, it is becoming increasingly possible to invest actively in an offering that we have sufficient interest.

Interest is very important for growth on this chain. Discipline may trump interest but the latter gives credence to the former and makes consistent quality effort possible. If for instance STEM token takes off in an upward direction tomorrow it will be very difficult for me to produce any worthwhile content except with some level of determination simply because our interests vary as humans.

Of course, the way this chain is built we do not necessarily have to be the best in terms of content we produce in other to grow. As one writer put it, there will always be someone better on or off the hive chain that can produce the same content as us in a much more refined manner. Therefore the options for growth is not limited to interest alone, as other factors like community and relationships also comes into play.

There is also the option to simply invest without being active. Staking a sufficient amount in whatever token we feel has potential and watching it grow is another way to be a part of projects we feel has potential but does not generate sufficient interest to be heavily vested on.

Don't Mistake Interest for Lazy

A couple of individuals have used lack of interest as an excuse for not putting enough effort in tasks handed out to them. There is a need to remain flexible enough when it comes to trying out new things and also the place of having sufficient discipline to carry out mandatory tasks necessary for our growth.

If we feel like we're missing out on Splinterlands, chances are that success will likely replicate itself on one or more tokens going forward. Of course general topics like Finance should interest everyone so I expect most people to be interested somewhat in leofinance and Cub. For whatever tokens we choose that align with our interest, we must also believe in its potential for growth sufficiently enough to keep growing while we await the desired growth.

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