SEED Holdings Report - #3


Not even a full month has passed since @seed-treasury started receiving HBD and the project already attracted a lot of interest and funds from several people around the Hive community.

The most important milestone relevant to mention is that most of the available supply has already been bought and only a few thousand sweetie SEED's remain in the neutral account.

Let's go with the report.

Total Assets Under Management (AUM):


The assets under management grew at a very fast rate in only 3 weeks, maybe you noticed that I withdrew some HIVE to Binance instead of transforming for HBD.

This is because the rates for converting HIVE into HBD not always are favourable and I prefer changing HIVE for USDT/BUSD (and adding it to the 'Liquid Value') instead of purchasing HBD and lose a few cents with an unfavourable conversion.

Great ground to start from. Plenty of funds to play. On a more detailed note, the Liquid value is composed of the following at the time of writing:


Let's make a little review of where all the assets are placed:

  • 27800 HBD placed at @seed-treasury. Not counting any HBD interest generated, HE token earnings & curation (I don't want to count for any of this yet, still negligible).

  • 2500 ORN staked at Orion Terminal generating a +11% APR. Safe from IL. This is the lion share of our holdings, and I believe it will be performing extremely well in the short to medium term.


  • 15000 CUB on Cub Finance Kingdoms. I expect some upside from the upcoming IDO's, however I'm losing a bit of patience since I feel it's 'not moving' at all.

My initial plan was to use 5000 in IDO's, keep the remaining 10K farming. CUB at 0,5-075$ is a great asset to hold while the market is ranging since CUB performs extremely well when the whole market dips. I'll decide on the go.

I'm a bit afraid of the Leofinance team since I feel they're developing too many tokens at once. 'PolygonCUB' will have a different token. Not counting #projectblank. However, I trust them. I'll swing trade those cubs as I feel convenient. If not, the farming rewards would be enough to make it a sound investment. I even thought about using those cub's to get a permanent sink of HBD (transforming rewarded CUB's into HIVE and then HBD).


  • 10,55 BNB + 4350 USDT on a LP position. Also staked on Orion Terminal. Since this yield is giving a +60% APR I feel there's no better place to be from a security/profit standpoint. Profits claimed in ORN.


Since I'm waiting for 'clear' opportunities, I'm using this pool to park a decent chunk of stables `a very safe asset like BNB' while I wait for new SHO's to start on DAO Maker.

Unfortunately, DAO Maker suffered a hack the previous week, but since I was moving assets between my wallets to improve some security structures, it caught me without USDC in it. So I wasn't a victim). Next lottery in 72h, crossing fingers to win another allocation!

  • The 10000 GAME are all locked since they come from a previous presale allocation. I won't dare to talk much about Gamestarter since they still have a lot of things to deliver, so I'm not breaking my head now about these tokens. They're all 100% profit, when the next unlock happens in 3-4 months I'll decide.

Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens ( 68,890 issued, 6110 on @seed-treasury).
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 75,900$

SEED TOTAL Value: 75900/68890 = 1,101$ /SEED (+11,1% since the beginning).

SEED Liquid Value (Only liquid assets): (75900-6000)/68890 = 1,01$/SEED

Not much to comment on here, AUM goes up, SEED value tanks after all the new purchases before the new minimum issuing price of 1,2$.

New Transparency Feature for SEED Holders (you'll like it).

Now all SEED holders can check the value of all the funds under management in real-time since I had some time to segregate the different Cointracking accounts. Not something incredible, but adds up and compliments a lot all the information written in this kind of weekly report.

Check all the AUM through this link.

If that doesn't work, copy&paste this link in your browser.


That's all for this weeks report.

You can join us on Telegram (only trumpman bites, I promise). And follow me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

'100% blogging rewards allocated to @seed-treasury'


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