SEED Holdings Report #11 - Beating ATH's consistently!


I keep relatively busy with a few things off-chain, sorry for the posting inactivity. This fact however doesn't affect my implication with our SEED venture. Let's recap:

  • 2 new listings: HE and TTK. Combining both, we achieved over 11K$ in locked profit in less than a week, which allows us to keep beating ATH's
  • Locked 1000 additional HBD into @seed-treasury from pure profits, which makes us 'dip-resistant' long term.
  • Went deeper into an alt/ NFT Game position: $DARK.

This is how our TVL stands:

And a little proof of the last movements:


  • We amassed a massive success with the Heroes & Empires presale (HE).
    We bought 30K for 375$ , sold 7500 tokens for 2615 BUSD (almost x7 on initial investment). We still hold 22,5K valued at +10K$.

That's a rough x32 return (or +3200%!).


  • We also got a 125$ allocation on 'The Three Kingdoms (TTK).

We bought 6250 TTK on presale for 125 $, sold 1562 for 516 BUSD (x5! on initial again!). And of course we still hold 4687 TTK on our locked value for an additional 1300 $ bucks approx.

Counting 1800$ in total again we're talking a x14 return on our 125$.


Sorry for the gifs if anyone feels that's not serious, but that's how it feels.

Averaging +2-4K$ WEEKLY in TVL for the SEED fund it's a fulfilling wet dream.

Thanks, DAO Maker!

On other news:

I loaded (and extended) our Dark Frontiers ($DARK) moonbag. That's 3,6% of our portfolio for an 8M mcap token which won't increase its supply until January (making it very attractive & ready for a Q4 bull run).

Since NFT Games are still in a very early phase I don't give much credit (yet) to game fundamentals and/or tokenomics since almost everything still has to prove itself.

This thing, however, it's very hypeable. And I love the Space thematics btw. They have something cool in the making with decent graphics.

It reminders me a lot of 'No Mans Sky' and 'Astroneer', both indie games that I enjoyed playing back in the day. Add to the equation NFT's in the form of lands, spaceships, suits and other collectibles and you have something very interesting. Check a little clip they released today.

DAO Maker Taking Over!

When I envisioned SEED I imagined a pretty diversified portfolio with a multitude of small profitable allocations in small presales. Only 2 months and a half later this vision is becoming a reality and slowly but surely SEED is growing like a juggernaut.

Can't wait to see how this pie grows in another 2 months and a half!


Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 75,000 tokens.
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (25K unissued).

AUM Value (All assets): 125.771$

SEED TOTAL Value: 125.771/75000 = 1,67$ /SEED (+67% since the beginning).

67/2 = 33,5% MoM profit

That's it, another ATH!


And for whatever reason, seems that I'm posting regularly on Fridays... so better read this up on Sunday, or get a beer in my name. Enjoy!

100% of blogging rewards paid to @seed-treasury.
Remember you can follow the portfolio in real-time here:

You can join us on Telegram and follow me on Twitter.


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