SEED Holdings Report - #1


The SEED token was launched last Wednesday and since then I have seen an incredible amount of support from a lot of people, the numbers are also remarkable and being frankly I didn't expect this within a week.

I was perfectly fine to achieve the following numbers within a month or two, so why not in a week.

Let's go with the overall numbers (it's the first report, so expect the design and way to show all the data to keep improving over time).

Total Assets Under Management (AUM):

Total AUM 1.png

We had a very decent start with over 8500 HBD funded in less than a week. Remember that all those HBD are locked into the @seed-treasury account at no risk unless the whole Hive blockchain gets compromised. All those funds are receiving a 10% APR (which I'm still not counting).

Regarding the 'Flexible fund' I'm currently holding the following assets:

Weekly Report 1 .png

1000 USDC have just been locked into a DAO Maker seed sale, we'll know more details upon the TGE (Token Generation Event). The USDC balance has been marked for that reason with a (*).

The BNB/CUB has been yielding some profits which I rolled into the CUB Kingdoms, I'm by far much more interested about CUB rather than BNB atm. I'm also looking forward to the official release of their IDO feature.

I also purchased 500$ worth of ORN and pooled it with the same amount of USDT for a 66% APR on Orion Terminal.

Wait, why do we have 1000$ more? [New funding method inside]

For the sake of transparency, I'll let you know that a user (@resiliencia) contacted me a few days ago and asked me If it would be possible to use USDT to buy SEED. I said ' why not ' so here I'm am. It would be unfair not to allow others to do the same so...

From now on I'm allowing people to purchase SEED with USDT/USDC/BUSD sending funds directly to the BSC address where the Trading funds are allocated (not posting the address here, you need to send me PM through Telegram). A few rules:

  • NEVER EVER EVER I'll contact you first. Don't trust anyone requesting to send funds. 100% an Impersonator If this happens.
  • The minimum deposit amount is +1000$. Why? Because big amounts of HBD are difficult to swap as the market isn't deep enough and it's easy to lose a couple of cents in the way. This purchasing method is only intended for big transfers.
  • Please, no decimals, only round numbers.
  • By using that funding method your funds won't be collateralized by HBD at the beginning. This means that I won't allow you to get out in a couple of days (or at least I'll always prioritize people who deposited HBD/HIVE directly).
  • These funds are allocated directly into the 'Flex fund' so I won't be wasting tx fees & time because you are indecisive. If after all, you need to get out early I reserve the right to charge you a 5% commission. ''Who warns is not a traitor'' they say in my land.
  • I do not take responsibility for funds sent to the wrong address. So please, re-double-check and/or wait for my confirmation.

In conclusion, this deposit/purchasing method is only intended for people looking to invest in SEED but the little liquidity of the HIVE/HBD market doesn't allow it.

Current SEED Stats:

Circulating Supply: 20,000 tokens (14,730 issued, 5270 on @seed-treasury).
Total Supply; 100.000 tokens (I reserve the right to buy 25K at 1$).

AUM Value: 15,095$

SEED Value: 15095/14730 = 1,024$ /SEED (+2,04% since the beginning).

To conclude

I'm overall pretty happy with the current numbers for the first week. Expect the number to go up once we hit more presales.

For now, I'm not increasing the Base price of SEED, so still plenty of time to purchase at 1$. Expect another post when the Game starter TGE happens (hopefully in 3-7 days) and I'm out of the battlefield with your profits under the arm.


As always, thanks for reading.

You can join us on Telegram and follow me on Twitter

***@seed-treasury has been allocated as a 100% beneficiary for the posting rewards :)


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