Introducing SEED

The Seed Token ($SEED), has just been created:

The general token metrics have been released in my last post.

Even if the token has already been created. It's not possible yet to buy it. (I have not yet issued any).

The formal launch date will be on Wednesday, the 28th of July of 2021.
Without specific time.

  • I will accept both HBD or HIVE in exchange for SEED. The token is NOT going to be sold on the open market (Of course people will be able to set his limit orders at whatever price they wish). For people sending HIVE, I'll exchange those HIVE for HBD and send the corresponding amount of SEED.
  • The treasury account has yet to be created. More details on that matter later.
  • From the 100.000 total supply, I'm reserving 25.000 tokens that will not be on sale yet (nor will they be issued). I'm just reserving them to 'collateralize' the funds off-chain, and allow me to buy my own token.
  • Initial price for every SEED is 1$. Reimbursements will be available since day one (I'll send you back HBD at a 1:1 ratio).

Why Seed?

When I first thought about the name I thought about something like 'HBD Backed Investments' $HBI or 'Empoderat Trading Fund' $EMPO).

However, I didn't want to include HBD branding (Backed fund by backed hive dollars isn't easy to remember) or something regarding my username since I don't want to get associated with a feminist lobby.

So I keep brainstorming...

In that process, 'beans' and 'seed' came to my mind.


I liked both names but didn't want to get associated with the typical crop growing in a green environment. I also want to avoid being associated with a 'ecologists' coin or some 'eco-friendly' bullshit that people use to talk against about bitcoin.

I even thought about 'Magic Internet Beans' $MIB, but I thought that it could also be quickly associated with 'Men in Black'.

So finally went with Seed. I like it because it's very plain, simple & easy to remember. It sounds strong when you pronounce it (/siːd/) and is monosyllable. Two extra reasons:

  • Seeds are hard, resistant, and difficult to break. They are biologically designed to resist bad conditions and germinate when better times come. Reminds me of the Hive community. Hive it's still a seed of a monster tree waiting to grow.
  • In a romantic fashion, it can be associated with the tale 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Which is powerful storytelling.


It reminds me with the association which we do between Bitcoin and Alice in Wonderland. (I'm obviously not daring to compare SEED with BTC, but you get the point) .

'Falling down the rabbit hole' it's a powerful narrative when people do their diligence upon Bitcoin.

With a tree reaching up to the sky, we're closer with 'to the moooooon' narrative :)



  • Seed Token ($SEED) has been created, launching on Wednesday the 28th of July of 2021.
  • Initial Price is 1$ with a total supply of 100K. I'm reserving 25% of the supply (not issuing/selling it) until further notice.
  • The HBD will be kept in a separated account where you'l have to send the HBD/HIVE (more details on that on the launch date).
  • Random ramblings on branding.
  • I also created a dedicated Telegram group for faster support when needed.

You can follow me on Twitter


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