My 2021 Hive Highlight

The year 2021 no doubt has been a great year for me and a memorable one that I would not forget since joining the platform. I joined the blockchain two years ago but was away due to the fact that I wasn't getting the actual results I needed so I stayed away thinking my activity here is not valid but coming back to the blockchain few months back has really changed a lot about me and am happy my effort here is not in vain and there still more memories and achievement to achieve in the blockchain.


One of a remarkable moment I would not forget was when I participated in my first ever food competition hosted by @ecotrain and I was delighted to be one of the winners for that particular competition and I was so excited that my efforts and hardwork was accepted and also not in vain. I prepared a local dish soup called vegetable soup(Ero riro) and I was lucky that my dish was picked among other winners and it's something I would not forget and I really appreciate the effort of @eco-alex and @chaleywhittall for hosting such an interesting and awesome competition to participate, it's really amazing and I thank them.

The link to the post I was awarded the prize I won @emeka4/ecotrain-medicinal-soup-competition-vegetable-soup-efo-riro-prepared-by-emeka4

The second moment which is also a memorable one for me was when I also participated in the #hivePUD and I was awarded a batch for it after completing the task for a month. I was so excited to receive the message from @hivebuzz to show my hardwork towards that which is not also in vain and I really appreciate @traciyork and others who hosted the competition for their remarkable effort to help others. It is really awesome and also making hive a wonderful place to be.




That's my remarkable 2021 Hive highlight for the year.

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