My Axie Journey Continues... šŸ˜­ Losing Streak Day

What a bad day today... Losing streak... 7 losses in a row... And up till now I have yet to finish my daily quest, and I have spent 17 energies in the Arena. Total 12 losses, 1 draw and 4 wins. Please! God of Game, God of Axie (If there's any), šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™ Please give me STRENGTH! I need a lot to continue and finish my quest!!!

I couldn't stand it after losing 7 in a row, too emo to continue. So I stopped playing and started creating pixel arts of my three cute Axies. Plant, Aqua and Reptile I have. I mint my Axies on Pentas, a local NFT marketplace. I have seen a lot of people talking about Pentas in my FB feed.

I have been seeing @zord189's posts and today finally I just take actions. Zord has been my inspiration and motivation in my NFT journey. He is the sifu! Love his voxel art pieces. And I finally am a proud owner of one of his voxel art. I took the cute rainbow unicorn home with me today.


Pentas is on the Binance Smart Chain. Minting process is fast and cheap compared to the one I tried before. There are a lot of local artists onboard here in Pentas. And if you have been following Zord for some time, you know his voxel arts are really awesome! Here's his profile in Pentas. Drop by and take a look at his collection there. He is going to increase the floor price of his collection soon. So don't miss out the opportunity of getting your hand on his cute sushi pieces or his ice cream house. His NFT are selling like hot cakes!

Ok, after talking about my sifu Zord, now is my turn... Shameless promo of my own Pentas profile HERE... This is the main purpose of my post today... Do drop by and take a look. I will try my best to mint more pieces (my girl can create better art pieces, so I will mint hers later)...

Below are my Axies NFT. Thanks to Zord for your support and ā¤ļøā¤ļøā¤ļø!!!


Ok, that's it from me today. Over and out! Back to grinding in my Axie world... Going to win the remaining fights!!!šŸ’ŖšŸ’ŖšŸ’Ŗ


Thanks to Justin (@ justinparke), you gave me an idea, maybe I can add a Malay word in every post. Then everyone can learn a new language.

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