How LEO Helped me Fix a big Problem in Church

Everyday is a good time to showers some love on people whether the deserve it or not. There is this song we used to sing back then when we were little children which was a great inspiration to many of us. This few lines of song communicates so much love and trust at the same time.
This song was composed by Bill Withers and I will just re-echo the chorus to all of us.

Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
'Til I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Incase you think I am writing gibberish, I beg to explain myself much better. I had a six days absence on leofinance due to the fact that i needed to attend to a job offline and just this morning, informed me that I have a payout of 8 LEO in my wallet, and as my custom is i wanted to stake it all but somehow i was just feeling some restrain from doing so and just decided to leave it there. Later on i had to trade it for HIVE with the intention that i was gonna use it for my airtime. Personally i don't like to hold tradable tokens in my wallet. I would either use it for trading or i stake them.

I admit that I still haven't grown the way i am suppose to grow financially but again i will also boldly admit that LEO has helped me stand up to become the man that i am. Situations creates better opportunities to unlock to our real essence to the world. Perhaps before now I may have been a little not serious here but my experience today has brought me to the point of making a all new roadmap for myself.

Conditions and situations only change when boys rise up to become men set to handle those situations. In about 6 hours from now, we will be receiving a new preacher into my church unfortunately, last week our public addressing system went faulty and it was taken for repairs and when it was brought back, my music director was trying to fix up the sound and we encountered the same problem again still it was taken for repairs but unfortunately the same situation happened again and this happened few hours ago. There was so much frustration and confusion.

How LEO Helped.

It would have been more devastating by tomorrow if our new preacher arrive to talk to a crowd of over 100 and people with his bear voice. It would have been quite embarrassing. Looking at my music directors face I saw so much hurt and frustration on his face and then I remembered I had some tokens which I had not staked to I had to trade all and just so we could get cash to rent a public addressing equipment that had fault for service today.

Today i have learnt a new lesson from this little situation that LEO is much more than a token actually for me LEO is possibilities, LEO can put smile on the faces of people and LEO is real money.

Today LEO has given me a shoulder to lean on when i am not strong financially and i am in a deep trouble, they entire Leofinance community have proven themselves to be real friends that will always help me carry on in life when challenges seem heavy on me.

This is my inspiration what about yours.