How KOIN is Spreading its Wings: BSC Liquidity Pool Established as of Today

Opening my Twitter app today, I stumbled upon the best thing ever! .... Ah well, maybe the next next next next next next best thing since... Nothing is just the best next thing after the existence of our universe, our solar system, our planet, and our own self and more of what we have in the physical world. Nonetheless, I read something super interesting...

screenshot from Twitter

Within 30 minutes, I got myself all knowledged-up on what happened here. In the very early days of the KOIN mining launch back in October 2020, someone set up a swap pool for KOIN on Ethereum. Now, 7 months down the road, with almost all of the 100M KOIN being mined, someone decided to launch a swap pool at the infamous Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The Ethereum copy with much much lower GAS fees, making it the next best thing after Ethereum... Or maybe not! 🙃

BUT! least KOIN can now be traded (swapped to be more precise) in a smart contract system that doesn't cost 10 to 100$ for a single swap, but more like cents to a few ten cents per transaction.

Getting Started

Those who are familiar with BSC, know services like Pancakeswap to purchase BSC based tokens and know how to provide liquidity and what not. Those who don't know BSC, or need a little help to get started, may benefit from reading this article at Reddit.

You can also drop a comment below and I'll try to help you as best as I can.

Cool Links (warm but cool)

KOIN BSC (BEP-20) token address: 0xd67de0e0a0fd7b15dc8348bb9be742f3c5850454

Previous Articles talking about KOINOS

note: both videos (and articles) I wrote for Twitter peeps not understanding what KOINOS (the chain of which KOIN is the native token) is about. I have no clue if these were of any help to whomever out there, but I do like to thing so. 🙃

You should Know

Later this year, KOINOS blockchain main-net will be launched providing the new and final home for its token 'KOIN'. Prior to the launch, a snapshot will be taken off the KOIN balances at Ethereum. Before this snapshot, you'll have to move over your BSC based KOIN balance to the Ethereum chain. For information on how to do this, please check the Reddit article, or drop a question in the comment section below.

Final Words

I took action the moment I was knowledged-up. I skipped the hassles of moving over KOIN from Ethereum to BSC. Instead I purchased KOIN with some BSC funds and subsequently moved these into the KOIN liquidity pool. Super easy to do. Very much the same as with eg Uniswap at Ethereum. Why not try it yourself?

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