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Checking in with LEO, I have to talk about KOINOS. Again!

On previous occasions I talked about my first mining experience (post), the mining drama (post) and then I had to create an elevator pitch about the project (post).

Now I'll share some latest info and at the same time call upon crypto experts for deeper insights into crypto in general and Ethereum specifically.

Owww, also some words about Travala. And a few lines about 🎶 🙃

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Ethereum Addresses: Customised versions possible?

I was always under the impression when creating some Ethereum address, we get a unique but random address from whatever service/wallet creating this address for us. But lately, I started to doubt this. Some super large KOIN miner is active and sells large quantities of KOIN daily. Initially, one Ethereum address was dumping daily. Since recent, this address is replaced with two other addresses with the same behaviour, selling large amounts of KOIN every single day.

The three addresses:


Do you see the similarities? The 0x1337cafe part?

Turns out Ethereum custom address services are around for a long time. Why did I first 'google' this today? Ah well, never too old to learn 🙃

Seems it is also possible to create a domain for Ethereum addresses. Not like a web address domain, but a shorter custom version of your Ethereum address. Like leofinance.eth or edje.eth (source).

KOINOS: Getting Ready for the Next Phase

Soon, the first phase of KOIN is finished, the mining phase of 180 days or a maximum of 100M KOIN. Just 11M KOIN short of maximum mining supply. Not sure how many days this is gonna take. Maybe a few weeks? When you like to check the progress yourself, browse to this webpage.

KOIN: Metadata

A single additional address and we've reached the round number of 1000 addresses owning some or more KOIN. For a project that aimed to be super decentralised, it must be clear they didn't achieve that objective. But, to be fair, a 1000 initial KOIN owners is not bad as well.

For a long time, KOINs value was glued to the 1$ct mark; Mostly due to this large miner selling most to all the mined tokens. A market under continuous selling pressure, but didn't drop lower than the 1ct; I suppose, this miner didn't want to sell below this mark. Effectively, this was used by others to buy at dip as well as trade a bit. Whenever KOIN tried to jump up, it was pulled down to the 1ct mark. almost a certainty in the first months of the mining phase. Even, when Ether decided to move up with factors of 3 to 4 to 5, KOIN didn't move.

Suddenly it did!

By now, doing better than Ether. Went totally anti-market yesterday morning with an instant double up. Now bouncing between 4,5 and 6 cents. What may happen when the mining phase ends and the market isn't flooded with at least 50%+ mined coins every single day? Zero is a possibility. But 10ct, 20ct, 50ct are also possibilities.

  • TestNet: Soon (on schedule)
  • New Website (here)
  • The team started to create more awareness in the market

KOIN on the move for the last 4 to 5 weeks.

Note: Not doing the disclaimer thingy: You know that you are responsible for your own investment decisions

KOINOS chart from CoinGecko mobile App

AVA :: Travala

Did you notice what happened with AVA? Like so many other coins, it lost a LOT of value the other day when BTC didn't like its own ATH and wanted distance, a lot of distance! Bottomed at 1,9 dollar and topped at 2,9 dollar a little after 24 hrs (chart at Binance). This shows AVA has a strong foundation. And of course, it has! It is one of the few coins in the whole crypto space that has a super compelling service running with it. Travala. A hotel and flight booking service allowing the consumer to pay with many different cryptocurrencies as well as with dollars, euros and other fiat currencies. Offering all the listings (and Agoda, I believe) provides no discomfort to the user who wants everything available listed in a single service. You may not be the lazy vacation shopper, but many in our societies are. THE reason for success for! THE reason for success for Travala! More or less a sure thing, though in crypto nothing is for sure 😉

Note: Nope! Again am not doing the disclaimer thingy!


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