Top-Down Global Thinking


Global thinking is essentially just intuition. We take what we know and form assumptions about the world around us, sometimes with very little evidence. Pretty much all conspiracy theory is derived using this top-down approach. Every once and a while conspiracy-theory becomes conspiracy-fact, as enough evidence has been collected to become nearly indisputable.

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Conspiracy Fact

But what happens when conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact? Usually nothing. Truly, most people just seem to go on believing the lie or convincing themselves it doesn't affect them directly so they have an excuse not to care.

Many of us here on Hive have been proponents of conspiracy theory before it became conspiracy fact. We've witnessed the cycle first hand:

  • First, with very little evidence, we will make claims that something fishy could be (or definitely is) going on.

  • We get labeled as some crazy kook with an overactive imagination.

  • More evidence points to the official narrative being incorrect, but still, the pleas that blatant corruption has occurred are ignored.

  • So much evidence is collected (or a whistleblower reveals full truth) that it's impossible to even call it a conspiracy theory anymore.

  • Everyone who doubted the conspiracy falls silent and acted as if this entire process never even happened, or worse they'll continue to believe the lies out of spite.


Just ask Edward Snowden!

Before he popped on the scene to verify all the blatant infractions of digital privacy going on, plenty of people out there were making claims that this was going on. They were all labeled crazy conspiracy wingnuts. Surly, the government would not spy on innocent citizens. That's against the constitution!

And what good happened after he came forward and blew the whole thing wide open? lol. Nothing happened. No one admitted they were wrong. None of the policy changed. Everyone accepts the new paradigm of being spied on constantly.


Head in the sand!

What an embarrassing way to "defend" oneself.
Just ignore the problem!
Nothing to see here!

Conspiracy theory 101 baseline.

Whenever I want to test if someone will be receptive to listening to conspiracy theory, I give them a simple question:

  • What happened on 9/11?
  • What happened to JFK?

These are the most blatant offenses. Does the person believe that JFK was literally murdered by magic? Does the person believe that a building can be perfectly demolished (also by way of magic)? If so, they won't believe any of the current conspiracy theories running around out there.


It's simply a matter of trust and needing evidence.

We can literally tell the general population anything we want, right up to the point of saying these bad things happened via magic, and they will believe it. People want to believe. They don't want to live in this fucked up reality, so they accept the lie and chastise anyone looking to pop their bubble.

Trust Science!

The same people that tell others the trust science are the ones that believe in magical thinking. Again, on many levels "trust science" simply means trust authority. Any cursory check into demolitions will reveal that bringing down a building into its own footprint at freefall speeds is a mastered skill that requires a full demolitions team. Anyone who assumes this can happen randomly doesn't understand demolitions at all. They ignore all the science while spouting "trust science" rhetoric in the most ironic way possible.

They also have a tendency to completely ignore the mountain of circumstantial evidence surrounding these events. Can you believe that the passport of the terrorist hijacker was found blocks away from the scene?! No, I can't, because it didn't happen. Obviously.


On the left, we see what the world would look like if the value of decentralization can prove itself. Will this new cooperative economy take over because it scales better than every other system? Or will it get constantly attacked by big players consolidating their power? Probably both.

On the right, we see the entire world in control of a handful of people, which is also equally impossible. Power must be delegated down the pyramid accordingly or the entire system collapse. Life at the top isn't as simple as unilateral control, even if it looks that way from the bottom.


Shit rolls down hill.

So looking at all the modern day conspiracy theories out there:

  • 5G surveillance grid
  • COVID and the vaccines
  • Great Reset & New Normal
  • Predictive Programming (masks and whatnot)
  • GMO, Monsanto, and Bill Gates

A top-down thinker could easily make some wild assumptions here. For example: don't get a COVID vaccine. Why? Because everyone knows the military industrial complex is 10-20 years ahead in tech. You're going to willingly accept this clear liquid being injected into you and you're going to trust that this is all on the up and up and can be trusted? No, you can't. There doesn't need to be any evidence whatsoever to make such a decision. All the trust is gone.

Comparing COVID to other serious diseases, it's pretty obvious that threats like Mumps and Measles are quite a bit worse. In addition, the technology used to battle these older and more serious diseases has a proven history, whereas the tech we are using today is largely experimental and being push through at Warp Speed.

That's not a combination that inspires confidence, especially when all of the statistics have been blatantly pushed into the direction of making the pandemic appear more severe. Which is exactly the opposite of what we'd expect the people in power to do (because they should want to keep everything open to make money). There's clearly a lot of shady shit going down here, and it's very very easy to get carried away and come to all kinds of conclusions, false or otherwise.

Like, why is Bill Gates so obsessed with modifying genetics? Why is he staked so deep into Monsanto? On top of the whole vaccine debacles, these combinations lead to potentially horrific outcomes, and just the potential in such serious matters are enough to come to insane conclusions without any evidence whatsoever.

Bill Gates is a piece of shit. He's always been a piece of shit. Everyone should know it by now, but he continues to build up this branding of a philanthropist spending billions just to make the world a better place. That has literally never been his MO. He's garbage, and I'm not buying it. Everyone has an angle: especially billionaires.


That aged well!

And it's the same thing that gets said about crypto: It's a passing fad; tulips; value based on nothing.

Bringing this top-down thinking to Bitcoin: this is where HODL mentality comes from. We know that Bitcoin is a beacon of truth in a sea of lies. It is a monetary system that can't be manipulated like every other fiat system in existence.

This alone is enough to justify buying and holding as much Bitcoin/crypto as possible. Things get even weirder with all the blatant propaganda used against it:

  • It's funds terrorism.
  • Drug dealers use it.
  • It wastes energy.

Yeah, those are all 100% bullshit.

The energy thing has a massive push these days due to the green energy initiative. As I've already explained, Bitcoin funds green energy and those who claim that Bitcoin is the enemy of sustainable energy are selling something (Central Banks and Big Oil).

Digital dollar digital dollar digital dollar!

This seems to be a huge topic these days. Every time I hear it all I hear is "time to buy some more Bitcoin". The system is buckling under the weight of its own corruption, and the cracks are showing. More and more people are waking up to the bullshit because they aren't even trying to (or can't) hide it anymore.


Intuition is a powerful tool, and can sometimes be akin to magic if we happen to guess right based on what little evidence we have. This is the foundation of cold reading and being "psychic". At the same time, magical thinking and believing complete and obvious falsehoods is a commonplace activity even for those who "believe in science".

In the end it all comes down to trust, and that trust that used to keep everyone in line is slowly eroding away and showing critical vulnerabilities. I can't imagine this issue is going to get any better as we move forward. In fact I expect it to get much much worse. All we can do is continue forward with trustless systems and scaling up this cluster we call humanity.


Don't make any decisions based on the extremely limited information provided here. I have purposefully excluded evidence to show that top-down thinking does not require it. As always: do your own research. Giving people medical advice is a slippery slope.