CUB Farming Strats


I am not interested in what the price of CUB is today, tomorrow, or even a month from now. I'm farming till at least Q4, plain and simple. I want to be guaranteed the most CUBs possible by Q4, no need to gamble. There's a perfectly good farm right here.


Smartly, the CUB/BUSD pool is the highest yield and safest one to farm as far as being a CUB ape is concerned. Half of the LP being a stable coin will help a lot with price variance. Now is a pretty good time to get in, at a price of ~$4, even if it crashes to $2, it will most likely pop back up eventually, avoiding impermanent loss and capturing max LP farm. Even now it's still earning 12% ROI a day, which is obviously insane.


Of course ROI is 100% dependent on the price of CUB, and it assumes we are selling. We aren't selling: we are apes. I'm an ape farming 750 CUB a day. Selling zero till Q4 (not technically). I don't care that I have "12% ROI per day". I care that I'm farming 750 CUB a day. That's the number that matters, and it is extremely volatile on the short term.


All farm goes into Den.

While the price of CUB declines, to ape to maximum capacity, place all CUB in the den until you have enough to justify selling half and reentering a farming pool. Selling outside funds to match the other side of the pool is also an option for hardcore farmers.

Ideally, the price of CUB will go up, when that happens I intend to sell half of what I've stored at the CUB DEN into CUB/BUSD and reenter the pool to lower volatility and increase compounded farm.


If the price of CUB bleeds I have a harder decision to make: do I HODL it like an ape and hope it goes up? Or do I capitulate back into the BUSD pool? Depends on the price. I'll probably sell CUB if it dips to $3 or higher. I wouldn't sell CUB in the $2-$3 range. I don't think it can dip lower than $2 with all this hype. Playing it fast and loose.

All the biggest buyers will go through the BUSD pool due to liquidity being higher than CUB/BNB. It will be interesting to see the actual Pancake yields after this initial phase of mega-farming has cooled down.

LP yield on PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap charges 0.17% fees to the users that goes to LP holders. The two main farming pools are going to have massive volume just from yield farm alone. A lot of the inflation will get dumped on the market, but there is also a lot of demand to buy and a lot of liquidity in the pools.

This creates the exact scenario we saw with KOINOS mining. It's profitable to mine (farm) so miners scaled up there operations and consistently dumped the Uniswap pool for instant profits. These dumps in price inspired buyers without server farms to buy in directly with ETH. The result was volatile price action with an absolutely gigantic farm. In the beginning KOINOS daily volume was higher than the market cap, and the buying and selling pressure often created mass volume with tolerable impermanent loss.

CUB is a token that has taken this mechanic and jacked it to 100. 22 Pools can farm CUB by design. That's insane. Money generated from those pools is used to buy more CUB. Yields are still high. Yields will still be good after the initial 2 weeks is over. (lowered inflation has that effect: higher token price).



This farm is amazing for when Q2 starts (perhaps May). Great pool to be in during a mega-bull run when you don't want half of your asset's value to be stored as a stable coin. I'll think about using the BNB pool when I'm more confident in lower volatility and the inflation of CUB is centered at the baseline (28800 CUB per day). Personally I think the lower yields are going to push the price up, not down. Especially in the mid term (Q4).


I can't even express how amazing these two pools are.

2022 bear market getting you down? Why not buy some stable coins and use THAT to farm CUB. LOL, that's incredible. What a good feature.

Again, we have to think long term.

Not 2 weeks from now.


Another interesting pool,

This is the only one with a 2% deposit fee instead of 4%. If I had a position in BNB I'd think about powering down some LEO and putting it here. I'm very salty about BNB because I dumped it all out of spite during the hostile takeover even though I knew BNB was going places. I'm sure many of us are in that boat, and even don't like the idea of using BSC in general. Oh well.


We are being underestimated right now by the BSC network. Some of them got in for the initial farm and are looking to exploit. Go ahead and dump, there are many with there bags open. I've never seen LEO general chat so amped. Ta da moon.

Most importantly just don't sell.

Ride the wave to Q4 and thank me later.
Even if CUB crashes to $1 in the short term...
let's be real I'm probably just buying more.

What kind of functionality is CUB going to have in Q4?
There's at least one dev working on it the whole time until then.
Speculators gonna speculate.
Apes gonna ape.
Compound all gains: farm to Q4.


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