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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Saturday Savers Club with Susie-Saver!

SPI Giveaway for September NO-BUY Month

Every week during our September NO-BUY month we are going to have an SPI giveaway!

Last week, the giveaway was for your top tips for low-cost or no-cost leisure activities for NO-BUY month. The winners this week are @phoenixwren and @justclickindiva. Congratulations! We also had ideas from @jfang003 and @metzli mentioned letting her children forage in the fridge 😁 - another great way of getting the family involved! Check last week's comments for everyone's ideas!

Our tip last week was how to avoid temptation ... this week for the SPI giveaway we are looking for all your ideas about what to do instead of shopping (that includes online shopping, too) - what to do with all that extra time you are not spending going into town or the mall or the retail park or browsing the internet?

Have you ever considered how much time during the year you spend shopping or thinking about shopping or browsing? Are there other things that you enjoy about shopping - maybe getting out of the house, meeting people, having a coffee - in addition to buying? Are there other ways you could enjoy those things without going shopping and, ideally, spending no or little money? What about all that time saved in the course of a year by not shopping ... how might you spend that?

What ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments for a chance to win SPI!

October Side-Gig Month - LBI Giveaway!

Everyone likes to have a little side hustle, don't they? Something you enjoy doing and you make a little money? Next month, we're going to be exploring all the little side gigs we can do to help boost our savings. So start gathering your ideas for next month's giveaways!

Autumn Challenge - Week 5 - Save $100!

Week NoAmountCumulativeWeek NoAmountCumulative
11.05 ❤️1.05115.6735.70
21.26 ❤️2.31126.1641.86
31.75 ❤️4.06136.6548.51
42.24 ❤️6.30147.1455.65
52.73 ❤️9.03157.6363.28
63.22 ❤️12.25168.1271.40

If you check over on @susie-saver's wallet, this week's 3.22p bought 4.16 HIVE which has been added to the savings wallet.

New - Wednesday Wellbeing Club

This is a challenge for anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change (eat well, move more, sleep better) hosted by @shanibeer over in the Natural Medicine community. Anyone is welcome to join 😍.

Now then - this week's winners!

Every week, you have the chance to win EDS tokens for commenting. Last week we had comments from @ericburgoyne @bearmol @justclickindiva @jfang003, @phoenixwren, @missaj, @metzli, @bashadow, @hetty-rowan, @carmenm20.

Okay, everyone who commented last week went into the WheelofNames and we have two winners: @bearmol and @bashadow - check your wallets winners - yay!

- Congratulations!

Thank you for taking part in Saturday Savers Club, everyone!

What's been happening in your world this week? anything exciting or fun? Tell us in the comments - you could win some EDS tokens 😁.

More about EDS tokens

EDS tokens are a low-risk income token, ideal for people who want to save. There were only 20,000 originally and they were all sold at 1 Hive each, with guaranteed earnings of 12% each year. You can now acquire EDS tokens through the EDS Miner token.

Earnings come from powering up and leasing out the Hive that came from selling the tokens, plus earnings from posts and comments each week. EDS pays out every Monday evening. Last week the pay out was equivalent to 23%.

618 EDS Miner tokens left (also some bargains at 9 Hive).

Back to business ...

We're going to be here every Saturday through the year growing a little savings honey pot, if you have plans for saving or getting to a different place this time next year - maybe $5 Hive by the end of the year 🤑?

Whatever it is, stick with Susie Saver through the year and we'll get there. Along the way, we'll share lots of tips and tricks for saving and how to get the knack of making your money work for you and not the other way round.

Let's Get Started


Image by Andy M. from Pixabay Hey Chicken, nearly time for pot pie! 😁

We're using the 365 Penny A Day Challenge framework for the Saturday Savers Club. We're aiming to save £667 worth of pennies by the end of the year.

Penny a Day Tracker Sheet


Right click on the image, save it to your computer and then print it out.

Okay, let's check in ...

1. Check Progress

Each week, we're going to check in through this post and see where we are up to. Our target for today, 18 September, was 18.06p. Next week, we'll be saving 18.55p and by Saturday we'll have saved 359.23p (that's 35,923p just compounding a penny a day)! 😁.

Each week, I'll be buying Hive for @susie-saver's account with the pennies we've saved.

Here's this week's results - 18.06p buys 23.33 Hive.
908 Hive saved in 36 weeks (808 Hive powered up, the remainder invested in EDS and EDSM)! Plus we're earning 3.22% inflation on powered up Hive, 20% on EDSM, 23% on EDS tokens and a little on curating and posting!

@susie-saver has powered this week's savings; she's also been voting following a curation trail. She's reached her first milestones of 530HP and Minnow status. Her next goal is 1,000HP. She's already at 808HP - what's your prediction for when she will reach 1,000HP? Tell us in the comments!

How much did you save this week? Did you meet your target? Or did you save even more?

Being accountable to another person or a group is a great way to motivate yourself to save (or anything you want to achieve). Of course, you need the right kind of people around you - ones that think what you're trying to do is worth doing ... or at least fun 😁.

Sign up here with us to start your savings journey:

  • just leave a comment below if you want to join the challenge.
  • follow @eddie-earner so you never miss a post (Eddie has lots of ideas about how to make money - he's the earner, I'm the saver - you'll like his posts).
  • share this post if you think your followers might be interested.

2. The Golden Pig Tip

saturday savers club.jpg

Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay

Every week, we're going to share a Golden Pig Tip for saving. By the time you've tried them all you'll have £670 saved.

This Week's Golden Pig Tip

This week's Golden Pig Tip for September NO-BUY month:

Remember to allow for treats and the things that make life worth living!
NO-BUY is actually about planned buying, about budgeting so that you use your money, however much or little you have, wisely. I mentioned Cinzia DuBois before - she always said she couldn't save because she earned so little. Then one year, she earned twice as much as the previous year and yet ... no savings. This led her to start thinking about what was going on and, importantly, what was her relationship to money?

The NO-BUY month includes allowable expenses - not just bills and essentials, but other things that are important to your well-being, like having an occasional coffee with friends, or going to a film or theatre performance, or an outing or taking up a learning opportunity.

So how do you manage controlling your spending? One way is to have a small budget for the things you enjoy and which contribute to your well-being. I have a one book a month subscription with Audible. I really enjoy choosing which book I am going to buy each month. Sometimes, I've seen a review and I know exactly what I want, other times I savour browsing, and other times still, I re-visit favourite authors.

Which treats and contributions to your well-being do you budget for? How do you manage contingency spending - those times when life is super-busy or you're having a couple of off-days and a take out is a life-saver? Let us know in the comments.

September NO-BUY Challenge

How's your month going? Have you worked out your list of buys and no-buys? Anything that hasn't worked 😁? Learned any useful tips for saving money? Let us know in the comments 🙂.

And today is always a good day to start saving - you can start on Day 1 or make up the first thirty-eight weeks (or join the Autumn Challenge) to catch up with @susie-saver.

That's it for this week. Hope you've enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next Saturday with progress so far and our next Golden Pig tip.

@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @susie-saver.

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, is part of the SPinvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account - a cool club in the making. SPInvest Family Motto: Get Rich Slowly.

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