Saturday Savers Club with @sally-saver | Week 10 - Saturday 11 March 2023 | Win EDS for Comments!

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Hello Everyone,

Last week's tokens transferred to @ericburgoyne and @successchar (EDS) and @stdd (EDSMM)


Extra XV giveaway this week only: how many XV have you purchased so far? πŸ€‘
Maybe you have decided not to invest in XV, that's fine, tell us why in the comments to be included in the challenge.

@shanibeer will be joining Talk Time with Tengo on Tuesday 14 March to talk about XV.
She will be talking about the pros and cons of investing in XV and how to decide if it's right for you. She'll also be giving an update about Saturday Savers Club (plus XV giveaway πŸ€‘). See you there!

Check this post for all the FAQs:

  • XV TOKENS will sell for 10 weeks at 1 HIVE each (1 billion available - enough for everyone 😎).
  • SPinvest takes all the HIVE from sales and converts it into a basket of 15 cryptos ranked in the top 50
  • SPinvest holds the cryptos in offline wallets (possibly earning an APY with some)
  • Every 6 months, the basket is rebalanced
  • In June 2025, SPinvest converts the crypto basket back into HIVE and buys back XV tokens from investors

Each token costs 1 HIVE, on sale from 1 March-10 May 2023.

1. EDSMM Challenge

Thank you everyone who took part in last week's challenge - 16 savers took part and we have a winner: @ifarmgirl-leo - yay! Remember to check last week's comments for a multitude of ideas about how to save $10 a day.

This week the challenge is to tell us what $10 would buy in your country (if you can give us an idea of your country or continent that would be grand, but not essential).

Extra HSBI giveaway if you take part in LPUD and link your post in the comments.
Plus, everyone who linked their March HPUD post will get an HSBI - check your wallets!

2. 365 Day Savings Challenge

It's Week 10 on our savings plan and we've added 4.69 HIVE to @sally-saver's wallet. We're up to 24.85 HIVE already!

EDS for Comments

We had comments from 24 savers! Everyone went into the Wheel of Names and we have winners: @noctury and @tengolotodo.leo - hurrah! check your wallets! 😍

3. Information and Resources

EDS and EDSM Queries

The quickest way to get any queries about payments resolved is to post a message in the #eddie-earner channel of the SPinvest discord: and tag @silverstackeruk. Most problems that happen are technical bugs and are quickly resolved once we know about them. Housekeeping for @eddie-earner, EDS, EDSM and EDSMM is usually done on Monday UTC.

Saturday Savers Club Discord Chat

Join us for chat about savings and investments:

Ground Rules:

  • The SPI family motto is Get Rich Slowly. This covers EDS, EDSM and EDSMM, the home tokens for the Saturday Savers Club, as well as SPI, LBI and CL. The bottom line is that we are looking for well-researched options which bring a steady income. Good options will have an identifiable and easily accessible team (with emphasis on more than one person involved), a clear plan and use case for the token, and transparency and accountability through regular reporting.
  • Individual members are free (of course they are) to publish guides to tokens under their own account - and any number of members can do that.

Airdrops - RAGNAROK and GLX

Check the RAGNAROK Air Drop in this post.

Information about the year-long GLX airdrop for SPS stakeholders. Here's more information about checking your GLX airdrop and an interesting post and comments about DLUX.

4. Savings Goals for 2023

Remember for success - Start Small, Start Today

It can be any day, and it can be any day when you've had a break and want to start again.

  • the best way to build wealth is to save small amounts regularly.

If you know anyone else who is interested in saving, please do tell them about the Saturday Savers Club, we love meeting people, sharing ideas and supporting each other. You'll find all the FAQs in this post and all the information about the first year's progress in this post. Write a post to tell your friends and followers about us and drop a link in the comments below!

NoAccount2023 Primary Goal2023 Secondary Goal
1@alonicus2,500 HP650 HBD
2@bearmol2,230 HP70 REP
3@coquicoin12,00 HP7,000 LP
4@deraaa10,000 HP10,000 LP
5@drlobes100,000 LARYNX-
6@eddwood3,850 HP286 HBD
7@ericburgoyne6,000 HP150 HBD
8@fantagira5,565 HP2023 LP
9@hivecurious2,738 HP1,368 Euros
10@hoosie10,000 HP100 EDS
11@ifarmgirl-leo15,000 LP1,500 HP
12@jane12895,000 HP1,000 HBD
13@jfang0038,500 HP7,700 LP
14@justclickindiva667.95 HBD17,500 HP
15@leidimarc700 HBD4,000 HP
16@lhes2,000 HP/LP365 daily savings
17@mamaemigrante120 HIVE230 HBD
18@mein-senf-dazu6,666 HP2,200 LP
19@noctury10,000 HP1,000 HBD
20@palomap34,000 HP200 HBD
21@phoenixwren10,000 HP300 EDS
22@pinkchic667.95 HBD667.95 HIVE
23@riandeuk600,000 LVL5,000 DEC/day rental
24@rqr41,800 HP-
25@sally-saver667.95 HP-
26@servelle2,000 HP300 HBD
27@shanibeer100,000 HP1,500 HBD πŸ€Έβ€β™€ - achieved
28@stdd10,000 HP7,000 ALIVE
29@successchar57.030 SPI76.387 BXT
30@the13anarchist600 HP50HBD
31@tokutaro221,000 HP-
32@vaynard862,500 HP188 LP
33@tengolotodo.leo15,000 HP15,000 LP
34@tydynrain5,500 HP200 HBD
35@yeckingo13,000 HP-
36@youyowi432 HBD-

How's your week been? Did you hit your savings target? Tell us in the comments below!


@eddie-earner content contributed by @silverstackeruk and @shanibeer.
Today's post by @shanibeer writing as @sally-saver.
Many thanks to @raj808 for the banner design πŸ™‚

EDS, @eddie-earner's income token, and EDSMs are part of the SPInvest family including SPI (@spinvest), LBI (@lbi-token), CUBLIFE (@lbi-token) and the @spinvest-leo account. SPInvest Family Motto: Get Rich Slowly.

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