To Support Hive-Engine, I run a hive-engine witness @locolombia

Some of you may know that I had a HIVE witness team together under @lootkit-witness, but we have stopped running that witness, after many months. I support great witnesses here on hive and continue to love and use hive, but we weren't supporting the network at our low ranks and were just paying computing power.

But I have taken that energy, the positive intention to be a productive member of our 'chain family', and I have launched a hive-engine witness, on the @locolombia account.

@locolombia is currently ranked 17th among all hive-engine witnesses.


I think it is very important to support hive-engine side chain development and decentralization. Many of the projects I am involved in utilize this protocol including:

Team Member - ARCHON tribe
Founding Member - @Brofund (BRO)
Heavy Weight Ranked DHEDGE holder
Advisor/Ex-President dCity
Founder of the tightly held INCOME Synergy Fund
Community Manager for Hive SBI, one of the blockchain's longest running program which is looking into an exciting new development using the hive-engine protocol.

These programs would not be possible without the hive-engine protocol, which has done a lot to spur development on our beloved HIVE chain.

The development and updating of the witness server with each new soft and hard fork is being done and maintained by @bala41288, who has a lot of experience and spends a lot of dedicated time working on it.

Vote and view the information of hive-engine witnesses on this great site by @primersion

Consider using your staked WORKERBEE to vote for hive-engine witnesses on the above site. Staked WORKERBEE also produces BEE. As a reminder @archonbank runs a WORKERBEE mining pool, the first and only of it's kind, which splits up and pays out BEE daily to delegators (of WORKERBEE).

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