On the ground - LET'S LOOK AT THIS LAND!

I have gotten a great response from my idea to make a land-backed token project, and this is quite exciting for me because here I am moving forward! We drove our Nissan Patrol down the mountain to visit the new spot, and I wanted to share some photographs with you all.


Land in Colombia, and maybe in most parts of the world, is definitely NON FUNGIBLE. Each piece of land has unique characteristics that make it more or less desirable to do different projects on. This piece of land is situated right on the main road between the Tolima Plains and Libano, which is currently being upgraded to handle interstate traffic between Tolima and Caldas. We have about 230 meters of road front, and in the top corner we have identified a nice flat section to start working on.


Our plan is to get some yellow machinery to push around the dirt and maybe pop up the tree trunks, before receiving some large quantity of material from the local road construction to establish a firm foundation on which we can build some type of temporary structure. The temporary structure should be secure, and large enough to keep some tools and park the car.


The soil here is quite different than the soil on our current farm, farther up the mountain. Here is it very rocky soil, and there are big rocks scattered about. This has some benefits and some drawbacks, but in terms of building infrastructure this is very handy.


@ecoinstante came down with me, and started exploring some of the trails. I found her birding, sitting comfortably on a rock and listening for which birds she could hear, thinking we might name the property after one of its avian residents.


I didn't get any pictures of the running water on the property on this visit, but there there are two dry creek beds (water flow in rainy season) and two active streams, one of which is shared on the high side lot line. We are still working out the low side lot line with the neighbor from which we bought the lot, he wants to share one of the lagoons that are on the property so that his cows have somewhere to drink.

In that case this map we made would be slightly thinner (by about 15 meters, up and down) and slightly longer (wider).


We brought the new chainsaw down as well, and continued to touch up the small area where we want to build a temporary structure. @ecoinstante asked me for a slice of a funny shaped tree, and snapped this picture of me while I was doing it.


As for a forested lot, we love it! Its a bit sad to clear brush when some of it is 4 or 5 inch trunks, but there is a lot left and a lot more to plant as well, as we develop this property for its promising use cases! Straight trees have absolute priority to be left alone, many of the crooked and bent undergrowth can be pruned or cleared to develop more verticality in the forest.


And don't forget about the view! For now, there is no view from the space we are clearing, because there is a quite flat patch of forest right behind it, but beyond these trails the land starts to slope gently downward, leaving great opportunity to situate parts of the resort in places with an incredible view over the Tolima Plains.


Across the Plains of Tolima is of course Colombia's Eastern Cordillera, or mountain range, where Bogota (the capital city) is located. We are on the eastern (wet) front of the Central Range.

These are the sort of NFT properties only God can mint!


Freedom and Friendship!

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