Maximizing Your Earnings In The Bear Market

Quickly, a bear market is a market experience of prolonged price declines. Too hard? , In a simpler term "a depreciation in value of market stock. The bearish market is always believed to have an unfavorable influence on investment but one can make use of the opportunity to earn more tokens with less. During the bear market, it's possible to accumulate more with small money than when the market is bullish. There are different ways to earn in the bear market, whether or not an individual has money to buy or not. All one is required of is using the opportunity wisely to earn more.

I have noticed the payout in hive rises each time the market is bearish. If hive is at $2, the payout may fall, giving about 1 Hive for a $5 post while it gives 4 hive tokens at the same $5 post when the market is bearish. The bearish market then becomes the best time to accumulate more tokens and engage more. The few times I have been able to grow my account without buying was during a bear market. No worries about a $2 payout because it pays out more. Therefore, one best way to maximize your earnings in the bear market is to keep blogging or mining.

Photo by Alesia Kozik from Pexels

Secondly, one can place an order to buy. People might be reluctant to sell but there are few others whom the prolonged decline may leave them with no choice but to sell. The amount of money that can buy 20 Hive tokens, for instance in the bull Market, may buy up to 60 Hive tokens in the Bear Market. The lesser the value, the more the tokens you can get with a certain amount of money. The bearish market is the best time to buy tokens, advised by crypto experts who always believe the bullish market is just around the corner.

Thirdly, one can earn a particular token during the bearish market by exchanging tokens of stronger security to get more tokens with lesser security value. If 1 winex worth $1 and Leo token falls to $0.2 per Leo. One can earn more Leo during the bearish market by exchanging winex to Leo. Swapping tokens during the bearish is another way of accumulating a particular token that has potential to grow in value in the near future.

Finally, this particular one is related to hive Blockchain. An individual can delegate a certain amount of hive for daily reward. If the value of a user's 10000 HP reduces to give him $0.2 in vote, he can delegate it and earn more liquid hive. It profits him more to earn in liquid token through delegation during the bear market while awaiting the bull.

I'm not a crypto expert, I only assume the listed are ways to maximize the use of the bearish market

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