is this how a whitepaper works? - perpendulum

2? pendulums.
see gif posts *- addlink

first wallet 1 metre + 1 metre plank. ball bearings, attached to base + ( for genesis, very end )
*-add image

1000 frames . the point it ends at. = the random number generated. start angle was
*-insert previously calculated math

5 wallets are created, so as to be 'not premined and dumpable'
witheach having had +1 variant on initial after genesis calculation
to 'stake' u run the wallet, and the dat file it created on creation is the
so as to not be 'generate all the addresses, own all the dats'-able attacked, each reiteration has a
*-hashmath rng x y pivot point

its goal is the concensus of at which the perfect ammount of motion already in object + thrust ( being gravity / 'decompression point' - to make a airintake, gravity fed, air output vacuum sealed pendularis engine?

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