#MyHiveGoals - April Goals and Weekly Report


Hello friends, back again for another weekly report of our growth on Hive!

I won't lie, I've been slacking this week in anything Hive related, I live in the United Kingdom and the weather has been beautiful here, been spending a lot of time away from any computers and just enjoying it while it lasts, we'll be back to rain before I know it!

Regardless, still some nice progress made! I just surpassed the 550 Hive Power mark today which is an incredible achievement when I think about it, I'm sure If I posted more into different communities and tribes I could've amassed that amount a lot quicker but I find myself to not be the best writer so I try to stick to my own lanes


I'm hoping with my increase in HP I will be pushing towards the 0.20 curation rewards soon, I love the fact up-voting content can come back in the form of returns, definitely an amazing incentive to power up and support your favourite content.

Cannot wait for the days when I can see myself earn a whole 1.00 Hive daily from it, until then I'll keep up my average grind and stack my HP consistently :)

I'm still depositing my compounded Hive earnings into savings, my current goal for my saving fund is 100 of each token. Currently I am only adding Hive to the fund as I'm holding back on the HBD.



My plan was to stack liquid HBD until Hive dipped below 0.90$ per, I personally thought this would be a great idea to somewhat return some small profits, even if its a few dollars that will go a long way in terms of these small savings currently, but Hive did dip for only half a day and sadly as I haven't been as active I missed it.

Markets are back to green, so unless BTC is deciding to take another tumble again soon, I'm not so sure I'll be able to grab any more Hive for under 0.90$ per, currently missing out on the 20% HBD APR Also with the rest of my HBD being kept as liquid, wouldn't be much in terms of interest but it would still be something aye!

Token Holding Update-

I include my diesel pool liquidity in these holdings for anyone wondering! so some coins may fluctuate a tad more than others. I'll display which pools I'm providing LP for down below!

TokenPrevious WeekCurrent WeekEarned
Hive Power529.435550.068+ 20.633
Hive59.34159.623+ 0.282
HBD79.79293.108+ 13.316
LEO113.514122.918+ 9.404
ONEUP4,368.5824,840.296+ 471.714
BXT11.60111.95+ 0.349
BEE71.7577.98+ 6.23
PIZZA1,068.921,084.66+ 15.74
LOLZ652.321704.666+ 52.345
CENT1,033.8341,050.834+ 17
CTP224.327229.811+ 5.484
POB116.332118.706+ 2.374
SPT2,273.8192,240.587- 33.232
SPS500.699521.078+ 20.379
VYB82.26591.336+ 9.071
VIBES23.5123.845+ 0.335
NEOXAG100.482115.273+ 14.791
WEED136.528175.024+ 38.496

Haven't had much time this week so my token earnings are a little lack luster also.

Only really note-able one is ONEUP, earned a significant amount again this week, also happy to see my LOLZ earnings keep stacking, I achieved the highest holding level for LOLZ which means I share in their dividends programme, which is bringing me in different tokens daily depending on my LOLZ shares, pretty nice!

I'm also still holding back on powering up ALL my tokens such as CENT and some SPT, I've been selling a few things off here and there in order to pay for some smaller investments in the future

Diesel Pool Positions-

I'm definitely just holding off until most of these current pools dry up and expire, or until rewards have been newly topped up as the APR for them is pretty weak, I want to find a perfect pool with good enough returns to stick my tokens in and forgot about it for the next x weeks

I would love to dump into the PIZZA:STARBITS pool again but the Starbits return is a tad weak and I'd rather hold onto my PIZZA over my STARBITS but this pool seems to drain PIZZA more so than STARBITS, so I need to think upon that!



I also deposited my BUDS from HashKings into their new staking system which will see me (currently) earning 680% APR daily! If you care about any of this information you can check out their official posts yourself to get the maths and mechanisms behind the staking

but in the long run I hope this will see my BUDS earnings turned into more of an investment, considering these BUDS are coming mostly from my PIZZA Scholarship, seeing them turn into even that slight amount more will be fantastic! Will definitely keep compiling my BUDS into the BUDSX pool and collecting them rewards :)



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