Cryptos in renewed bull market

The cryptos are back at it! Bitcoin is surging beyond $50,000 toward its all-time high of 65,000. Meanwhile, our HIVE is above 50 cents, but still looking very undervalued. It's good to see the crypto market resume the bull trend!

Bitcoin had a consolidation at 30-40k for a while before deciding the bull market isn't over. This allowed many of the other cryptos (or "alt coins") to begin rising. Now, it appears Bitcoin is back in the game, and the overall crypto market is going to move higher in 2021.

That shows that the market is very close to all-time highs, right now. It's very unlikely this will be a double-top. What seems much more likely is the market has another big surge ahead, before any talk of reversal to a bear market can be entertained.


While still falling toward #300 on the crypto list by market cap, our beloved little token is doing fairly well at the moment. Considering we're down so much in the past few years (depending how long you've been on this chain), there could potentially be a large upside here.

HIVE might have its big day soon. But for now, there are some nice short term price moves going on:

The downtrend does appear to be over, and now that we're above 0.5, a test of resistance at 0.8 seems very likely. If the overall crypto market is surging, that could take HIVE above a dollar, and then we're looking at testing those old levels of $2, $4, and the high of $8 (back when it was called STEEM).


I've been bullish on ADA for a while, and now I see it has overtaken Tether to hold the #3 spot, after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price is at all-time highs and the chart is looking like the sky is the limit.

There seems little doubt that $5 is coming before too long. I grabbed a few hundred back when they were almost worthless, just to see how it worked.

What would you do it HIVE did a x20 this year?

What would your wallet be worth if it was twenty times its current value? That's not an unreasonable number. Of course, there are no guarantees, and just about anything could happen. But cryptos, including HIVE, have a history of making big price jumps during bull markets. If that happens again, where would you be sitting?

I've slowly managed to earn my way to 16000 HIVE. I put in 0.2 BTC and 4 years of full-time effort to amass that total. Currently, it's not worth much, but if we do a x20?

$176,000 USD

That wouldn't be too shabby. And that's only $11. HIVE could potentially go MUCH higher, since that's barely above the 2017 high. If it went to, say, $35 each, I'd have several hundred grand.

And that's just my HIVE. I've also got a little BTC, some ADA, and some LBC (LBRY Coin). Plus I've got steem-engine tokens like LEO, LOTUS, POB, and WEED. It would start adding up. If we do get another good bull market, it's quite possible my broke ass could suddenly be a crypto millionaire.

What would you be able to do if your crypto holdings went up by 10x or 20x this fall?


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