SPK Network is alive. Delegate your Larynx and earn SPK tokens!


This is a little how-to-do-it post but at the same time, I want to make you aware if you don't know already that I am running a Spk node on the account @carloaxie since March 9 of this year.


When I started my Larynx claim was really small:


I was able to borrow about 4500 Larynx from someone who had no use for the tokens, so I would have enough in order to run the node. From that amount to today's 50,000 Larynx it was mostly bought from the market, sometimes every day for a good while, and some little amounts came from the rewards for running the node.

Now, if you want to Power Up and delegate, first you need to go to this wallet at this address and make sure you are logged in:



The next step is to click on the SPK button for the correct token and then scroll down to where you have the option to claim any left tokens and then click the little arrow so the option to Power Up comes out.

ATTENTION! DO NOT Lock Liquidity, the other available option, that one is just for node operators. Power Up the amount you want and after a few seconds, you should be able to go and delegate. If the balances shown on your account are wrong or 0, you should do a hard refresh (ctrl+F5) or clear the cache in your browser.


Scroll down and hit the delegate button, select your preferred node operator and the amount you want to delegate.


As you can see in this next screen my amount of locked Larynx stands at 50k+, and as I'm typing this, the only delegation I received is from @gadrian for which I want to thank him!


If you want to see more info about the running nodes there is a neat monitoring tool at this address:


Green and even yellow-colored nodes are ok but if a node appears with red it means that it hasn't been working for a while. You can also see there for each node how many delegators and the amounts of Larynx received.

If you believe that something is not working or you need any kind of help you can always drop me a comment or reach out to me on Discord drLobes#6382

I want to thank in advance anyone that decides to support me and the @carloaxie Spk node!

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