My first article on Ecency, GM / WAGMI / LFG!

Hello friends!

This is my introductory post.

I go by Dr J or Netzien.

I'm pumped to be here!

I included copy of an elephant NFT in my collection. It gives you some hints about what field my PhD is in, and where some of my passions lie.


I'll be posting about things that interest me which presently focus around crypto, NFTs, the metaverse and such. I especially like these topics in the context of things that have to do with helping people, animals, the environment, and related to investing.

I have unique perspective. I've been through ups and downs, great times, and really tough ones. I've stood up to bullies and spoken out on what's right, sometimes at great cost. As I get older, I know myself better and I increasingly can relate to the human condition as well as appreciate beauty that surrounds us in the biggest and smallest of things. .

I'm super excited to participate on Ecency, to learn and share, and to get to know some of you here.

I hope this message finds you in good spirits.

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