Who's Up For A January Writing Streak?


I know, I know, you already had your New Year resolutions and there's no more space left for yet another weird challenge. But it's not a challenge, it's a streak. The difference is that you cover as much as you can, and there's no winning or losing involved. You just do your best.

Do you best at what, you asked?

Pardon me. I got a little bit ahead of myself.

So, this streak means you should do your best to publish a meaningful post every day of January. Please note the emphasis on meaningful. You shouldn't just copy paste some technical analysis or regurgitate some HIVE motivational stuff, it should be something more than that. It doesn't have to be long, but it would be nice to be authentic.

Is there a prize involved?

Absolutely not. There won't be any prize from my part. If any of the whales would want to chip in and support this streak, great.

Actually, the biggest prize would be to get over January with something already in your pocket.

You see, traditionally, January is the shittiest month of the year. Many people rush into their resolutions, pumped by the short holiday break, thinking they'll crush it, only to abandon it, tired and demotivated, a couple of weeks later. If I remember well, the gloomiest day of the year falls around January 27th, or something like that. It's the day in which the level of depression is at its highest.

It would be nice to change this, wouldn't it? It would be nice to look back on February 1st, and say: "Yeah, it was a shitty month, as always, but at least I tried.".

How do I join?

You don't. There's no club to join, you just have to write some meaningful article every day. If you want to signal that you did this, you can use the hashtag #januarystreak.

That's all.

Needless to say, this was my first post of this streak.

Photo by Jussara Romão on Unsplash

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