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How Ecency changed my personality!

I am using the reference of Hive blogging as Ecency because it is currently the only platform I use for blogging.

Now let's talk about how Hive/Ecency changed my life:

I was not taking care of my health lately because I wanted to come out of this poverty and be financially free. I was saving as much as I can. Sometimes I walk instead of using a vehicle just to save 0.20$ for the fare. With Ecency my time and health become so important than this money as I can earn a lot. Now I don't cut costs when it comes to health or time. It is much easier for me to give fare of even 2$ just to save my half-hour. Without Ecency it would not be possible since I focus on my future goals and investing. Now my ROI of time is greater than cutting costs.

Before Ecency I don't eat much but since my health is priority now as I have to write creative blogs in order to attract curators, I eat a lot outside and focus on healthy food. Since I eat out I now usually give higher tips if I like their service. It is my way of living life of Ecency even outside of the digital world. I refer to it as curation or an upvote.

When I see beggars I usually judge them but now I just curate them with 0.10$ it's standard here to give beggars. So there is no need to see if they are real beggars or doing it as business. I either say nothing or curate them. My mind is much important to focus on bigger issues not to judge if the other person deserve 0.10$ or not.

I also started sharing my wealth with my family because the source of Ecency money looks unlimited. When my sister/mother/father show concern for the family I curate them with healthy food from ordering online. It encourages them to live together and focus on our family bond which is a bit weaker right now that we need to work on.

Before Ecency my family thinks my blogging skills, marketing etc. are useless and can't help me run my house in future but now they praise my skills. It's good to feel like people need you and like you.

In short, Ecency changed my personality a lot in ways I can't express. Thanks, @ecency for doing positive wonders in my life.

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