What is DLUX?

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Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences is a platform for dApps. It was built with virtual reality in mind. dApps has grown to mean a lot of things, and in general it means decentralized application.

Let's take an example you've likely used: an app from the App Store. In order to place your App you had to buy developer credentials for $100 a year, Apple will take 30% of advertising, 30% of in app purchases, and will try at length to limit your ability to make money from any other means. If you've incorporated crypto currency in to your app there's a high likelihood it won't pass the review.

Of course there are other methods of distribution. Like building a PWA, progressive webapp. This option requires you to set up a server, ssl, pay for a domain, and have the know how to set up the app. The barrier for entry for both of the avenues is >$100 per year and that's not including the knowledge you need to have in order to build it.

So what we mean by dApps we really mean is any app that can run in a web browser like a PWA... but decentralized.

Oddly enough, while nearly everything that's decentralized costs more than it's traditional counter part. DLUX can actually invert the cost. Utilizing HIVE we can provide roughly the same level of security that would be gained by setting up your own website, or paying for developer credential. As many who read this will know: You can get a Hive account for free. Once you publish your dApp you can also earn HIVE and DLUX rewards. Which is how we pay for things on our end: a 10% cut of whatever you app makes in HIVE.

DLUX incorporates some of the most advanced features of any blockchain, and enables any of its users full access to all of it's features with no addition costs (like GAS, or transaction fees)

That's Cool... But AIRDROP!

There's going to be a few of these posts, each will have a different method for collecting a little bit of DLUX.
This time around you simply need to make comment on this post. Ask or answer a question. Give some feedback. Pretty much anything that doesn't look like SPAM. Any meaningful engagement within 7 days will earn 5 DLUX tokens.

Additional Information

How to Buy(or Sell) Hive and DLUX
Proposal 171 - Autonomous Multisignature Transactions

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