Be careful - you might get a FREE FAKE hardware wallet

Fraudsters get Bitcoin with fake hardware wallets

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be careful with some free gifts

As I just read about this, it might be interesting for you. I still think the Ledger is a good device and as usual:

Be careful with a free gift.

We learned from Troja and other stories, that there might be something extra if the gift is so nice and free of charge.

Picture by Ledger

Following a data leak at the manufacturer Ledger, fraudsters are sending victims fake hardware wallets in order to obtain their cryptocurrencies.

Hardware wallets are supposed to protect their owners' digital currencies particularly well - but fraudsters are still trying to get their hands on them with a trick.

After a data leak last year at hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger, the scammers send a supposed replacement device targeting the cryptocurrency of those affected.

The device was sent in authentic-looking packaging but with a poorly written letter, one affected person reported on Reddit. The letter cites last year's data leak and the publication of customer data on a hacker forum in December 2020 as the reason for the exchange. The package also included a shrink-wrapped Ledger Nano-X package that contained what appeared to be a real device. Suspicious by the many errors in the cover letter, the affected person opened the device and posted photos on Reddit. Modifications are clearly visible in the pictures. A component was soldered to the USB port.

Free Fake

Be carful if you get something like this - whenever you never ordered such a replacement device.

Picture by Ledger Source: Reddit

Scammers are sending fake replacement devices to Ledger customers exposed in a recent data breach that are used to steal cryptocurrency wallets.

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Picture by Ledger

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