5 thing I can boss about hive

Hive is more than a platform is a place where everyone is welcome or accepted, no matter your status or family background, I notice is a place where you discovered your potential, with the 3week I spent with hive am very sure I will benefit, testimony has been shared about hive and the little one have seen i believe I will not regret been here.

Things I like about hive

  • Proof of brain
    This platform makes me know that there is something inside of me that I have not realize all this while, especially in the aspect of boldness, when it comes to writing am always feeling intimidated thinking people will mock me of my error but joining hive has helped me a lot and am still learning.

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  • Respect
    What a platform, I found out the level of respect going on in this hive is just like a family, we keep to rules and regulations, we watched each other back , that is one of the value this platform has that makes its different from others.

  • No Segregation
    A platform were no differences is shown no tribalism no religion, HIV treat everyone equally, everyone get his or her wedges according to the quality content one write, nothing like my friend, brother or uncle, hive do justice all the time.

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  • Team work
    In this platform there is nothing like am along, we all watch each others back, we grow together especially when the person is serious in writing quality post, the hive will also be serious with him or her, what a great platform.

  • Financial independence
    A platform were everyone is earning unless you are not ready to write but once one engaged himself in the platform definitely the person will earned, the hive is concern about our growth.

Once this platform continue, learning continue, unity will keep expending and we will all be happy.
Thanks for your time.

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