Vaping Crypto

It's time to get vaped... In the markets! Yes I'm talking about the vaporization of crypto as it vanishes in a big selling frenzy after going up. At least, if you're one buying it going up and expecting it to keep going, you're vaping your gains when there are huge sell offs.

This is repeating over and over. Just take a look at the past week. There is so much volatility.

At least, it looks that way to me. The former king, BTC, was always the prime target to keep an eye on. Along with that, was the big mover and shaker BNB this year. When looking at the charts, these two are looking like they're struggling to stay up.

There is just so much downward pressure. They both go back up and regain their momentum. Especially BNB. It's all time high just a few days ago, unlike BTC. I guess that's because the BTC bull run is slowing down, is not coming to an end. I don't know.

But BNB was still looking strong with the new all-time high. And still not that far away from there. Though, there are some big drop-offs and heavy selling.

LTC recently saw some crazy action as well. It's touched an all-time high yesterday, but today is another bloodbath all around is the big spike downward is being felt across the board.

But when you look at the new King, ETH, it just doesn't seem that bad. Yeah there are similar downturns with big selling spikes, but then it just keeps recovering and going up up and up. I think ETH is going to be the big winner this year, at least if the current progression is sustained. With all the corporate backing and development, it seems like it's going to pass but going in terms of market.

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