I Want You to Write About Hivewatcher Viscous Attacks

Hello friends. You might know about Hivewatcher, thugs in the uniform of self made police attacking poor users viscously demotivating them.

I have been saying the thugs of Hivewatcher to me are doing more harm than good to this platform. The way they stalk people downvoting their posts and even comments is something really pathetic to see on a platform like Hive.

Yes, we would also want to remove plagiarism from Hive but they have gone too far from it attacking users and making them beg to stop.

Now, I would need you to share posts, talk about these thugs in posts and comments with influential users here on Hive and how they are hurting this platform.

Tag your posts and comments with #thugsofhivewatcher as we need everybody to know about some of their non sense activities on the platform.

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Countering Hivewatcher Thugs

Together we are strong

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