DHF and Thugs of @Hivewatcher

I am not able to understand how are the thugs of Hivewatchers being funded from @hive.fund because the way they operate they are doing more harm than good to Hive.

Its not only me who has problem with Hivewatchers, you would find a bunch of other users as well getting attacked by the thugs of Hivewatchers for some non sense reasons.

Well, if it had to do with removing plagiarism or other suspicious activities on Hive I would have appreciated their work but at the same time these thugs go beyond this attacking poor users making them beg (in times) imposing rules from their own. What kind of police is it? Don't they need a police over them to see what non sense they do here on Hive?

And mostly you would see these small accounts being attached by these thugs not even making them to flourish on the platform. Its not only about me but look at those poor hundreds of users being viciously attacked by these thugs of Hivewatchers.




And the list goes on.

These thugs have no idea what Hive earnings mean for some of these users from third world countries.

DHF Needs to Withdraw

DHF needs to withdraw funding these thugs of Hivewatchers consisting of a few idiots who don't seem to have a sense. You cannot punish this whole ecosystem at the hands of a few thugs self made police viciously attacking whoever they want.

These thugs are stalking people downvoting them for stupid reasons ain't adding value to Hive. Look at Steemit, where is it ranking now. These thugs should have worked on spending this energy bringing value to Hive rather than stalking and downvoting people with non sense.

They also kick you out of the group if they don't have the answers.

Countering Hivewatchers

I have come to conclusion now we should have a force consisting of users who are being viciously attacked by the thugs of Hivewatchers in order to encounter them.

The Downvotes by Hivewatchers Thugs

More could be checked out here.


I ask again @hive.fund, this is what you are funding for?

We ask again, to terminate this proposal with the thugs of Hivewatchers and save Hive.

Join Discord Group:

Countering Hivewatcher Thugs

Together we are strong

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@blocktrades if you could also have a look at this and do something about this nonsense happening around Hive.

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