Using Our Position to Help Set Aside A Fund for Another Through Diversify Collaboration

Lockdowns after lockdowns....

Things are not easy with Non Profit Charities like us, and from all the stories we learnt from all the struggling families and centers it always boils down to one thing:

Forward Preparation Thought was never there for all who are struggling

Ever since we started working together with a refugee school since Malaysia's MCO (Movement Control Order), we wanted to help set something aside for them but we have not been able to engage with our ghost writer for full articles to gain more traction for them.


Instead of depending on HIVE earnings only, we have expanded even further on another platform that earns in BCH; but this time with our official userID dbfoodbank (standardising with our Facebook and Instagram page instead of gtpjfoodbank) through @littlenewthings ' guidance, we managed to start earning trinklets of satoshi just to convert it back to HIVE Power to the account we helped them to create for future school project for Creative Content Posting.

Our 6 month's experiment


Even with centralised compounding service with interest that is not as high as most Decentralised Finance Yield Farming, we are happy to see that we could slowly but surely increase our power-up to the donated account. It isn't a lot, but if we could endure for 4 years, by the time the children of the refugee school graduates (most of them are pre-school), we hope that there is something substantial for them to start off well as great young illustrators.


Unfortunately due to our lack of engagement of late because of the overwhelming assistance needed on the field, @littlenewthings has graciously absorbed the interests paid in HIVE Power in order to keep the account to keep building until they are ready to post the children's work.

We are still thinking ways to see if we could help them to create NFT accounts to sell their work, but we have not the time to test how to create online stores and the right supplier to make sales in crypto a reality.

Right now, we can just keep accumulating and accumulating.

Best wishes,

Daily Bread Food Bank Crypto Special Reporting Team

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