Blockchain: Let's grow price of own coin

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Hello, dear cryptoinvestors, traders! Each from us use some strategies in cryptocurrency selection and trading process.

Many counts of posts and articles were wroted on this topic and I propose to consider this process from another side. Let's we will be owners of cryptocurrency with own blockchain.

How we can earn on such project and growth the price of this cryptocoin? Let's start.

On the init phase of cryptocoin network we need to create some sum of premine for us. It is important step because it will show to anyone that you have interest in this coin and also want of growth.
Do not leave a big percent it can create opinion that we want to have influence on network and users.

Main Steps

We need to understand what we need to do for growth of cryptocurrency.
I think that we have 2 main steps on this stage of progress:

1. Ecosystem

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The most important thing is an ecosystem. Why users need to buy our coin?
What abilities besides speculation it will bring to them?
We need to have a projects that use our coin. It will show to our users that coin is not a bubble.
Coin needs to have a wallets (mobile, desktop, web). It also need to have application in real world. Users need to have some opportunities and new project will create them.

We can create own projects or to buy already created and integrate our coin to their ecosystem. All payment need to use our crypto.

2. Active promotion campaign

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We can launch a global promotion program in social medias (especially Twitter), messengers (Discord, Telegram, Slack), etc. It will create first base community around created project. Users will start to buy a coin more active and it will grow itself price.

Big community looks like a very sensitive nervous system. The more community project has the more intensive reaction will go on each action and news in blockchain project. News will capture people quickly and you will get quality result.

Not main, but also important

  • Quality roadmap with clearly defined targets.
  • Coin distirbution among exchanges. It also can create additional popularity to project
  • Airdrop (optional)
  • Masternodes, staking, mining (optional)
  • Development friendly tools (API, SDK)


Cryptocoins creators need to have own strategy of evolution in crypto world. If we will take care about our X coin it will bring financial fruits to us!
Thank you!

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