Why EVERYONE Should Visit LeoMarketTalk Daily....

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Every day the users of LeoFinance get on their phones or computers and check out what's going on in LeoFinance. They see articles come across from some of the most prolific writers in this space, as well as some from others just getting started, or those who post regularly but not as often. There are many great writers creating posts that are interesting, informative, and, in some cases, just downright entertaining.

Unfortunately, if you miss a few days, you can miss a lot of what's going on in the cryptosphere. Also, it is very difficult for any one person to check all the different news outlets to find articles that are timely to the world we currently live in.

What's on LeoMarketTalk?

That's where @leomarkettalk comes in. LMT is a place where everyone can come and read about what's currently going on in the world of HIVE, CUB, and LEO, as well as what is happening in the world in general.

Want to know how CUB is doing? @sgt-dan puts out a daily chart on CUB transactions. In LMT.

Want to read about other cryptos? How they work? What they're for? Whether you should invest? Pros and cons? @forexbrokr continues to build a portfolio with information gathered from many users and he talks about it on LMT.

Want to talk Bitcoin? There are many people there with opinions and there are linked articles almost daily about what's going on with El Salvador, hashrate, security, experts opinions, etc. For example, did you know that the 3rd richest man in Mexico is gearing up his bank to accept Bitcoin? I do. The article is linked on LMT.

Want to know what Tesla is doing? What some of the space companies are up to? What the latest innovations are in 3D printing? Virtual Reality? AI? Articles for what's happening in all of those areas are linked in LMT.

In other words, LeoMarketTalk is a place you can basically catch up on what's going on in the world that may be relevant to us here in the cryptosphere. And if you find something interesting, it's the perfect place to post it for the rest of us to take a look and comment on it.

Get Answers

But LeoMarketTalk isn't just a place to read things, it's also a place to get questions answered. Or get other, possibly more experienced, peoples' opinions. If you're new to LeoFinance or Hive, there are many people there willing and able to answer pretty much any questions you might have about anything HIVE/CUB/LEO related, and also about some of the other tribes here as well. It's a great resource to use to get started on your crypto journey and also to stay in touch with what's happening around you.

Get Recognized

It's also a great place to get your name out in the "public" eye. The more you comment and interact, the more people will recognize you and when they see an article you've written, the more likely they will take the time to stop and read it.

Earn Rewards

I've written numerous articles about curation: comment, vote, engage. LMT is one of the places I do MY curation. If you look at any of the Engagement articles that get written every week, you will basically see almost everyone in the top 20 on LeoMarketTalk. They are actively curating and commenting on articles all over LeoFinance. As well as writing many of them themselves. You will often see the LMT banner in the comments section of many articles. That's because those articles have been linked and promoted on the LMT page. That could be you.

Prices are low. The rewards pools are deep. There are many Leo's to be gained by being active. You don't even need to write your own articles. If you simply vote and comment, you can receive a very decent amount of those rewards EVERY DAY. As with all things, some days will be better than others, but this is a goldmine waiting to be mined. You get knowledge, exposure, and curation rewards all in one place. And you also get ideas.

Get Ideas

Many of the articles I've written have started as comments I was making in LMT. There are constantly things that make you think and that in turn triggers ideas for articles you can write yourself. This is one, for example.

You owe it to yourself to make it part of your daily routine. Check it out. Make a couple comments on something that interests you and then either keep going, or come back again the next day. There are no rules. It only benefits you, your bags, and LeoFinance as a whole.

I'll see you in LMT tomorrow. :-)

Thanks for reading.

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