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I've now been back on Hive for almost two weeks, reading and commenting on posts while posting a little on my own. The one thing that has struck me in reading lots of different content, is how different perspectives can really enhance our overall understanding of an issue. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own interpretations of issues or events that we forget there are other ways of looking at things.

oldwomanyoungwoman 20210225 104112.png

Old woman looking down and left? Or young woman looking back and left?

Politics is a great example. The US has become so polarized that you can't even hold a political discussion anymore without being labeled. Which is how the politicians want it. Their aim is to divide and conquer. They don't want you seeing both sides of an argument. They want you seeing their side or they label you an enemy. Literally. They call you every name in the book regardless of whether any of them are true. The rationale is if they can't win the argument on its merit, then they'll attack that persons character. Just listen to them. Do you ever hear them giving any reasoned, factual data for their positions? No. They basically just spout off inflammatory rhetoric to make sure you know that if you support them, you're "good". But if you don't, you're despicable.

You're telling me that every single Democrat is against securing our borders? Or that every single Republican thinks global warming is a myth? Not by a long shot. There is way more common ground between everyday democrats and republicans than there are points of contention. How else does society function? But our politicians don't want us to focus on that common ground. They want to inflame hatred and fear so they can keep us divided and stay in power. Of course, that's MY perspective. :-)

Anyway, perspective is a good thing. Seeing the other side is a good thing. Being able to hear arguments from all different angles is a good thing. Whether you agree with one side or the other is not the issue. Being able to have that discussion is the important part.

So, I've decided I will be putting out posts in the future with this label: Perspective on (insert topic here). They will just be thoughts on whatever happens to trigger my interest at the time. Could be Bitcoin, could be markets, could be politics, could be world events, etc. Hopefully they will provide you with a different way of looking at things that will give you more information to reach your own conclusions.

Thanks for reading. As always, comments are read and welcomed. If you want to see past examples I've linked them below...

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