Burned 117K Starbits Today!

Figured it'll be a good thing for game economy. There's a lot to do with Starbits. I've got bunch of Starbits collected too. I could buy packs, NFT or stake them. I could even sell them on market. But I wanted to venture to ne gorunds today.

Life on Rising Star has been super since Starbits Millionaire. Read the post if you wanna know more 😎 It was a real achievement.

Withdraw Millionaire Earning

I get 11K Starbits/Day for this mission. It's only usable once per day. I've already got 5 days of Starbits on Hive-Engine. 3 More in game. I have to withdraw to Hive-Engine before I get them back to game. Kind of odd... but OK. Just few more clicks ☝️


Have To Leave 1 Million

That's a requirement for Starbits Millionaire. Have to make few more clicks ☝️ to get them back in game.


Get Started With Music Promoter

You don't have to do this. But it's a cool way to get rewarded to burn 🔥 to earn 💰 PS: That's a cool catch phrase. If you steal it to promote Hive Dapps I won't sue you 😛

Music Promoter.png

No Going Back From This

You are committed to burn 🔥 to earn 💰 once you add Starbits. You can decide when, how etc. That's it!


Loaded 117K Starbits to burn 🔥

One day all of these will be gone. I'll have Starpro instead 🎼

Picked The Popular


Highest bid was on this. Most missions were Radio Interview. I'll stick with this. If I'm doing something wrong please please please educate me 📑📓📚 I'm new to this stuff!

Play ▶️ Burn 🔥 Earn 💰 On Rising Star

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