CoinMarketCap Earn Contest Part II - Limited edition NFTs & PPAY

Subsequent to my last article about the CoinMarketCap's two giveaway contests, there is a further development on one of the giveaways. Additionally this also brings out another means of earning through their Learn & Earn program. Coinmarketcap has been making efforts to engage and educate its user base at the same time bring more people onboard. My previous article covers two contests they have going as of this moment.

Limited CoinMarketCap NFT Event- for the month of June

The development is for the weekly watchlist contest. In addition to the prize money, there is a chance to earn limited edition CoinMarketCap NFTs. A total of 100 NFTs have been issued. All you need to do is join the June Weekly-Watchlist-Airdrop to participate. If you don't know about the Weekly Watchlist Airdrop -click on the link to view my earlier article that explains it at length. For those who are aware, make sure you input your "ERC-1155" wallet information (


In order to participate, create a watchlist (with a minimum of 3 tokens being tracked)- convert your watchlist to public- solve the CMC quiz (part of the google form) and submit your public watchlist to win. Use the google forms link for submission link for submission
You can also share your “Public Watchlist URL” on Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/etc).

Find my watchlist below


EARN Initiative

CoinMarketCap through its EARN initiative gives users the ability to learn crypto and earn cyrpto. And personally, I love such initiatives where there is a two-way profit, and one is guaranteed for sure.

What is EARN ?
CoinMarketCap Earn, is the educational handle of CMC, a portal that provides education about cryptocurrencies in exchange for crypto rewards- which is why it's called EARN (Learn Crytpo, Earn Crypto).

Earn's next campaign is PlasmaFinance

CMC users through the Earn portal can learn about all about PlasmaFinance with a series of short lessons . They can test that knowledge with a short quiz. If the users get correct answers, they will receive a price in PPAY tokens! Successful quiz takers will receive $5 worth of PPAY (First-Come-First-Serve).

Are you ready to learn and earn some PPAY?

In order to participate, just follow these steps-

  1. Make a CoinMarketCap account, which can easily be done right here.

  2. Once you've made an account, proceed to the CMC PlasmaFinance page and read through all lectures (remember to take notes!)

  3. Once you've given the lessons a good read, you can proceed with taking the quiz. Note- you have only one chance to take the quiz.
    If you successfully complete the quiz, you will receive $5 worth of PPAY as a reward (First-Come-First-Serve basis, until Prize Pool is depleted).

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