CoinMarketCap Contest - Buckle up for 'Two Crypto Giveaways'

Founded in 2013, with an extremely user-friendly interface CoinMarketCap has gained recognition as the go-to price checker in the cryptocurrency world and rightly so. It is a definitive guide for anyone who swims in the crypto waters. There are number of reasons why this site takes precedence over others. Personally, I opted for it because of its reliability and accuracy. I have been using it from my initial crypto days and it has been quite a while.

It does a fairly good job with providing real time updates on cryptocurrencies and their corresponding market capitalization, volumes, supply, social media news and the exchanges on which they are listed.

This dominant crypto data aggregator has always tried to stay ahead of others by providing unique offerings to its user base. It’s portal ALEXANDRIA is one such offering.

CMC Alexandria will house online both content about crypto written by our own researchers and employees, as well as articles by some of the best minds in the crypto space today.

CMC is constantly innovating and keeps adding features for the benefit of its users. They often launch these features through exciting and engaging contests. The two features which are making heads turn at the moment are Price Prediction tool and Weekly Watchlist. And if you have guessed already, it is time to fill your bags with some free crypto. You can't have an easier way of getting lucky.


The first one is - CoinMarketCap Bitcoin Price Prediction Event!

The event is pretty self-explanatory, you need to predict the price of Bitcoin for June 30th 2021 (23:59:59 UTC) and the closest predictor wins USDT prize. Last date for submitting your prediction is June 21st, 2021 (23:59:59 UTC).

Steps to follow to enter the contest-

Start by logging on to the CMC website
Click on the price estimate tab- enter your prediction
Next enter the prediction in this Google form .
Please ensure you submit the same prediction on both the form and website- mismatch WILL lead to disqualification.
Solve the CMC quiz – only those who succeed will be eligible for the selection (Quiz is a part of the form)
Prize Money
1st Prize- 600 USDT
2nd Prize- 150 USDT
3rd Prize- 50 USDT
Bonus reward
#Hashtag LuckyDraw – this is the Twitter (#CoinMarketCapPredicts) Hashtag Event
For this- all you need to do is Publish a tweet with the #HashTag (#CoinMarketCapPredicts)
Submit the Tweet link via Google forms
Relevant tweets will be selected and rewarded
Rewards for this event
1st -100 USDT
2nd -75 USDT
3rd -25 USDT

This is my prediction. Let me know yours in the comment box as well

Screenshot 20210601 at 23.02.46.png

The second contest is - CoinMarketCap Weekly Watchlist Airdrop Event!

This event renews on a weekly basis, with a current price pool of $250 (every week). Prize pool will be increased periodically.

In order to participate, create a watchlist (with a minimum of 3 tokens being tracked)- convert your watchlist to public- solve the CMC quiz (again part of the google form) and submit your public watchlist to win. Use the google forms link for submission
You can also share your “Public Watchlist URL” on Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/etc).

Prize for this event

– 1st Place: $125
– 2nd Place: $75
– 3rd Place: $50

Click on my watchlist to see if we share some coins.

Screenshot 20210601 at 23.01.19.png

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