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Hi! It's been a bit since my last post but I've been pretty busy learning new tricks. One of the latest ones is how to turn my money into even more money! It's easy! You don't need to be a computer hacker to figure it out either!

Have you heard of DeFi? It's short for Decentralized Finance. What it basically does is remove the middleman from your transactions, no more banks. You can even do things like give yourself instant loans! Sounds too crazy to be real, right? I thought so too until I finally got involved.

Don't be like I was and keep waiting, get in now while it's still early! That way you can be a part of something amazing as it grows in scale over the next few years and most likely even produce some big gains from your investment.

Of course, with anything, there is always a risk that things won't turn out the way you'd hoped. This is what kept me from investing in a lot of things that would've already made me a very rich man, had I just held on long enough.

As I've burned myself a few too many times, I think I finally learnt a solid lesson. When you have a good feeling about something and ape into it, stay there and hold out through the tough times, HODL the dips and buy even more.

My intuition has been pretty on-point but my emotions have led me to panic-sell time and time again. This time things are going to be different. I am hodling my CUB like no other! This is a solid project with a great community, lots of very helpful and knowledgable members keep things interesting.

We have a niche that is something I think pretty much anyone can benefit from, finance. Chances are that if you're reading this, finance is likely an interest of yours, too.

As many of you might not already be too familiar with the project CubDefi, here are the provided documents explaining what it is and what it does. (for now) Things change over time, of course, more will be added, etc etc.. CLICK HERE FOR CUB INFO

I'll give you a quick breakdown though. Below is a screenshot of the homepage which shows how much CUB I have available to harvest and how much is in my wallet. (10 CUB sent by @edicted)


On the left side, you can see where it says 'farms' and 'dens'.

DeFi makes it possible to take your existing tokens and stake them into 'pools' in order to 'farm' more tokens. This is known as Liquidity Farming to some, I'm sure there are other terms used. What you do is simple, inside a farm you have a few different options to choose from and take your pick.


There are plenty of variables that make each farm different, for instance, multipliers and deposit fees.

Below you can see that there is a 0% deposit fee on the CUB-BUSD pool with a 40x multiplier. What that basically means is, you don't have to pay to stake in that farm and there are 40x as many tokens allocated to that pool. (I think, correct me here if I'm wrong, please.) However, that leads to a much larger return from your pooled liquidity than any of the others, with a bit of impermanent-loss risk involved.


Wtf is impermanent loss?

Impermanent loss happens when you add your own liquidity to a pool, and the value of your pooled tokens go down compared to when you LP'd them. The more fluctuation there is, the more you are at risk of impermanent loss.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a video that will explain it better than I can.

What is the difference between farms and dens?

While farms are pretty risky many people don't want to potentially lose their money so they have another option available for them, dens.

When you're in a den there is no risk at all of impermanent loss because you are only staking one asset. eg. I am staking CUB only in the dens because I don't want to run the risk of the CUB price going up and ending up with more of some token I don't really want. As you'll see in the screenshot below, the APY is not as good in the den and nor is the multiplier. But that's the 'loss' you take for playing it safe.


This is where I will be keeping all of my CUB and I will continue to compound them and HODL as long as I possibly can, something tells me the price is going to be a lot higher than it is now. Just look at Goose.defi's EGG token to see what can happen with CUB.


This is EGG and it's down from $103 yesterday, to be honest, I think a lot of them are pulling out to move to CUB and capture a higher APY while they still can.

CUB is already showing signs of it in the price as it was around $3.5 for most of the day yesterday and it's now over $5.


There is a high likelihood that CUB will go much higher over the next few weeks, so my advice to you is to HODL on as long as you can! (I'm not a professional, take my advice with a grain of salt.)

Phew! There is a lot more I could talk about but why don't we go ahead and get to the giveaway part!?

Are you ready for some free CUB!?

In order to win any CUB in this giveaway, you MUST complete ALL steps without exception.

Only accounts with no prior CUB transactions before this post was made will be allowed to participate!

Step 1. Make sure you're able to access and use the BSC network. Information on how to do this can be located in the CUB docs here.

Step 2. You must have at least 0.005 BNB in your BSC account.

Step 3. Log in to with your wallet, once you're logged in, click your address in the top-right and screenshot the page. Like this.


Step 4. Paste the screenshot into a comment here along with your BSC address in text form.

Step 5. Stake at least 0.25 CUB into the 'CUB den' and copy the transaction url (bscscan), then paste it here in the same comment as your screenshot and BSC wallet address.

Step 6. Pick a lucky number between 1-5000. (make sure nobody has already picked the number you chose because only 1 person can have the same number)

I've made an example of what your comment should look like, below.


Once you have completed all 6 steps you will have been successfully entered into the CUB Community Pooled Giveaway!


How do I stop people from making alts and joining in this giveaway multiple times?


I can't.
All that I can do is ask the LEO community to please have some integrity and give the newcomers a chance to win.

Let's all play fair now!

Thanks (so far) to @edicted for adding 10 CUB to the giveaway pool!! I will also be adding 10, so there is a total of 20 CUB to be won currently! Edit* @lordbutterfly has added 10 CUB! Totaling 30 in the pool! And @flauwy with another 10 CUB! That's 40! 10 more from @yabapmatt! 50 CUB!! Another 10 from
@empoderat! 25 more added from @onealfa.leo!!! +1 from @sgt-dan! 86 CUB POOL!!

Prizes: Winners will be picked at random with a random number picker using the LUCKY NUMBER you chose!

The more pooled CUB from sponsors, the more winners there will be.

20-50 CUB (*Up to 40 winners) <-- this is where we are now.

50-100 CUB (Up to 90 winners)Edit <-- this is where we are now.

*up to: meaning, if there are even that many entries.

Anything over 100 CUB donated to the pool will be divided by no more than 150 winners. You have GREAT ODDS considering there aren't even that many people who usually read my posts! haha

Make sure to follow all the directions!

Good luck!!!

-Crystal Human

Just to keep it fully-transparent here, I have staked the CUB that has been pooled so far and I will unstake it once it is time to payout the winners. I felt like it was a waste to have CUB sitting there not being protected in a den!

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