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Its been about a year since I jump in into a new project, when I say new I'm not talking about like brand new whitepaper only, I mean a project that has not been stablish yet, no manned, just got to the market and the last time I did something similar was with Celsius Network buying a $0.25, trade it for sometime until ETHEREUM Gas Fees went crazy high and decided just to hold and scale out of the position, $CEL end up going all the way up to $6.49 according to CoinGecko, the hedge of jumping into a good project so early.

Celsius Network

Its not easy to find this GEMS and most of the time scary, sometimes either you are wrong, don't make enough research and its a bit hard to trust new projects even if they are reviewed or interview by legit social media channels, you might think that's enough because certain Youtuber doesn't review sht projects but this is crypto an anything can happen. So I was looking around Twitter since my feed is very selective, I don't follow that many ppl and the ones I do I know are legit traders and do their research so I stumble with AIOZ, got to say there are other similar projects I'm not pretending this is an innovation never thought before but I'm excited we can participate in such project that is brand new, would be worth jumping in this early.


As soon as I open their website and saw the acronym CDN, right away I knew this was some sort of infrastructure service and I love this because as IT my main focus is infrastructure and know the demand that exist today.

AIOZ Network, Layer 1 Blockchain-Based Content Delivery Network (CDN), opens to the new era of Internet Streaming powered by you

Blockchain Explorer:
Telegram / ANN:
Telegram / Community:

This seems to be a project that have been on the works since around 2015-2016 based on an interview that the Founder CEO Erman Tjiputra did on Crypto Banter

Here their roadmap, as seen their firsts tangible milestones starts on Q1 2021, when I say tangible are products or part of the project that you can see, use and interact with.

The concept of the project on its essence is very simple from the point of view that they trying to decentralize todays main infrastructure services like image repositories, transcoding and video repositories, very similar to what a popular TV Show in the US try to explain "Silicon Valley", from the get go they already have a couple of working pieces of the puzzle.
Now days services like transcoding and storage are very expensive for large corporation, getting together a bunch of nodes around the world with the proper software that can administrate this content and service, providing the most efficient pear close to you and paying this nodes for providing such service is something that many have try to accomplish in the crypto space, I really haven't seen any project that has mass adoption, there are many video platform in crypto like Youtube but none are even close to what the Tech Gigant Youtube represents on this part of the space, some to mention are LBRY, 3Speak, Theta and Dtube, with the most easy to use IMO LBRY.

Here small representation on how their service interact between users, creators and the nodes as service providers.

So far this is what they have going that is working and tangible, obviously its not the final product and there still lot to grind. At the moment of this post I'm running a node on their testnet that is extremely easy, there are 7781 nodes running, essentially any service running on the network is running across this computer around the world, there are a few things you need to know before installing a node, common questions.

1- Does it runs on mobile?

2- What operating system does it run?
Windows, MacOS, Linux

3- What are the minimum requirements?
There are none

4- Can I choose what storage to use?
Not yet, for now it uses C drive for Windows or Main drive in most cases

5- Rewards represent coins?
No they don't, for now its just testnet coins you get, still no decided if will be swap for real coins

6- Can I run more than one node?
Yes you can run more than one node as long as its a different computer

This is how the node app looks like, nothing fancy extremely easy to setup just click next and backup your keys, after that there is nothing else to do, for testing I got it running on my mining rig and so far no issues and haven't notice any performance problems like taking much bandwith or ssd utilization.

Here the link to the official Node Setup Guide:

This is how the node looks like

This is so far what they got running on their testnet and have said that basically most services like Youtube, Instagram, Streaming service can be decentralize and this was tested three years ago on a demo they did.

#1- Working video platform, from the description of the platform its a decentralize video platform, I'm planning on start to upload videos again to video content sites again this week so Ill be uploading to


#2- They already have a testnet running and a block explorer with a life feed of the currently running nodes

Life Feed of Running Nodes

#3- Working Nodes

Here the team of the project, NO ANON TEAM, their LinkedIn profiles are link to their pictures, I have only see the CEO doing interviews on youtube, haven't seen the rest of the team, as describe this is a self funded project and at the moment they have over 30 engineers working.

Ok so now that we have talk about the basics, what they trying to solve, their competition and that they already have working solutions and its not just a whitepaper before exchange listing, WHEN AND WHERE CAN I BUY IT?


I'm not sure the basics of participating in such launchpad, this are private sales so its kind of a downside but I get it, its business and after developing such project without any kind of income from public investors, at least that's what they say its somewhat fair. For now Ill wait until they get listed on any DEX or CEX and will put some money into it, I'm not going to sell the barn for this since as I mention this is also something that is not new and there is competition already stablish for sometime, depending on your budget if you want to participate allocate some capital for a small moon bag and let it ride, same thing I did with Celsius Network when my initial investment was $175.
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