Most dire range for Bitcoin VOLITILITY INCOMING

Video Guide:

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:15 - Adressing allegations(1)
00:04:50 - Elon Musk tweet
00:06:30 - Addressing allegations(2)
00:08:00 - $BTC
00:15:35 - Addressing rude comment.
00:18:00 - $DRC
00:19:20 - $ETH
00:22:25 - Upcoming meet up in Los Angeles
00:23:10 - $ICP
00:25:55 - $MINA
00:27:45 - $CLVA
00:29:20 - $AMP
00:32:30 - TAKE PROFITS!
00:32:50 - $KLV
00:34:50 - $ADA
00:36:00 - $XRP
00:37:10 - $VET
00:38:50 - Outlook on Cardano
00:40:15 - $SOL
00:44:10 - $XLM
00:45:50 - $LTC
00:47:30 - $HBAR
00:48:40 - $PSWAP
00:49:20 - $CKB
00:50:30 - $DOT
00:52:15 - When would it be ideal to re-buy ALTs?
00:54:30 - $MATIC
00:59:40 - $EOS
01:00:35 - Final statement.

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