What's Going On Cubfinance 🧐If We're Hold This Level We Pump To 70 To 90 Cents 🥳

The price to go higher but we already expected we can see some support there around a clean even buck take a look on the market came all the way up to 61 cents there pretty close market came down to 60 cents.
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We understood the trap was going to try to hold market price why we told everyone to be prepared to take some profits off the table. this up just a little bit higher profitability in the market from our last price prediction you could have gotten the market.


We're all about predicting price movement.You can win that everyone in our community can eat this is how you're able to do i'm not going to tell you cubfinance is going to go up what looks like in terms of price from where cubfinance is now the upside in cubfinance there around a 60 cents

How high the price has to go in to 63 cents what about to the downside. the market price in cubfinance to go downside is around y'all ready for you prepared for the market in cubfinance to drop 20 cents.

What the market price has in store i'm not hiding anything we literally dictate prices only by price bars and volume you don't need anything else you to use technical indicators l

8f anyone is trying to get you to spend expensive on charting you need to tell them i don't need none of that the only thing i need is price bar than volume i haven't understand as to what the market price is going to do

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