Time Is Ticking For A Huge Move For Wleo !Technical Market Analysis

The price in wleo coin to go down the price to go down slightly and look at the price in wleo coins the price has gone down and as a matter of fact.
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What do you think. the market we predicted in wleo coin all the way back on september how this market really works you just kick back chill out and understand the market is pretty much doing.

What you expected it to do all the way we want to see can wleo give us a bullish reversal. we are definitely in a downtrend into the marketing wleo. i don't care what anyone tries to tell you they might try to persuade you and coin is a must buy they might try to come in and tell you going to be rich filthy wealthy.
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You're going to shoot price up to the moon but the price is doing the opposite. you got to keep it real you got to be real with yourself price always keep it. we're going down this price chart.

The first one i'm going to move is this line the market in wleo is going to be around this vicinity.this is going to be the vicinity.we're expecting the market to find some more selling and price to go down 22 cents.

The market in wleo is it exactly 24 cents.It might even be a little bit higher. where the area is expected to be induced with more selling.we appreciate the market giving us this information.

What i'm going to do i'm just going to bring it up we understand based off where price is in relation to that line as long as price tradeswe're going to go is either trading sideways meaning consolidate. we continue to go lower in price we were able to come down and wleo coin breaks out to the upside of this line.

We would expect the price to continue to go up because the market is emphasizing it wants to go rather than going down it wants to go up. it's just easy we need to identify. we're going down in price. we need to see where in the world can price come in and prop up.

The market you can already see we're creating a very shallow start of support at 22 cents this has been the direction of what does coin has been doing. we shot up like a 30 cents came up bounced up got rejected around 25 coming up.

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