Have you bought Solana (SOL) while was super cheap?

I bought.
I bought at 29$ and 40$ small amounts (4 SOL) while i wanted to do it for awhile (while was still below 1$).


Unfortunately o sold them at 85$ with a nice profit at that moment while i was on a profit barrage (buying low selling high various coins). The sad part is that i was very certain about it's sort time growth (i had in mind a price range between 160$ and 180$), but having bad advisors in critical moments is the worst you can do @steliosfan. Anyways i don't regret it, with initial investment 90$ i got 320$ that used on splinterlands and the sps yield farm that giving me daily a nice amount of sps!

While SOL mooning breaking every resistance it faces, a thought spinning in my mind, should i buy again or SOL maxed for now and wait buy cheaper?

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