Cardano's KEVM Launching in Coming Months - Bring on the Ethereum DAPPs!

Cardano's KEVM Launching in Coming Months

Bring on the Ethereum DAPPs!

In today's video I discuss Cardano's KEVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This is going to be the bridge that allows current smart contracts, no matter which programming language it's written in, to migrate over to Cardano efficiently. I suspect there are a ton of unhappy DAPP developers currently using Ethereum and waiting for the release of Ethereum 2.0 and they'll be happy to consider a serious alternative.

Cardano continues to go strong in their development and partnerships. The public test-net for the KEVM is currently running which is kind of like how XBOX and gaming consoles release their software to game developers so by launch time there is something to play. Looking forward to more coming from the IOHK team!

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