Is it Safe to Buy Bitcoin Now? Probably...

Is it Safe to Buy Bitcoin Now?

In today's video I discuss some more in debt fundamentals on what should give you as an investor more confidence if you're considering buying more bitcoin. Based on recent trends and things happening in the market, by regulators and large investors, I don't suspect a significant downtrend in top cryptos anytime soon but focusing mainly on bitcoin.

The top three highlights presented here are FOMO from lending firms like banks since Paypal saw a 17% increase since they opened their arms to bitcoin... all companies love money! US regulators aren't outright banning bitcoin or making it difficult for regular folks to consider purchasing digital assets, instead they're allowing banks to hold tokens/bitcoin for them.

Last but not least are other large investors famous in the market. Like we all follow crypto twitter and top traders there, that isn't anything new and a lot of older investors follow strategies from top investors when they're looking to diversify their portfolio.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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