CryptoBrewMaster welcomes Aeneas `ASH token` NFT Farming Pools

We at @cryptobrewmaster looking for new possibilities for our players to be more engaged and make a Play 2 Earn process even more profitable.

During the last couple of weeks, we had negotiations with to make this NFT Defi possible inside our game!


The idea is simple:

  • @cryptobrewmaster and drop some limited edition NFT's for ASH cryptocurrency.
  • Players stake their NFT's and receive % of interest during the specific timeframe
  • Requirements: Citizen Passport to participate

NFT farming locations

@cryptobrewmaster Brewer's house - PC
@oceanplanet TBA
@fishmaster TBA

Yes this will be the cross-game powerful farming tool, rates of farming may vary from month to month

Farming Cards Prototypes


How can I increase my farming rate?

  • Influence gain: every 1000 influence points gained in-game will affect the mining power for an extra 1% image.png

  • Special kinds of artifacts will be revealed during Resource Production in @cryptobrewmaster, hold them to receive bonus farming %

  • We thinking about increasing farming % based on the gaming activity and HODLing Enhancers in your backpack (further vision)

Okay what's the price, and how can I buy an Aeneas Farm Card?

Farmers availability after the sales start:

  • 1000 ASH - 30 days / 10% - only 500 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

  • 3000 ASH - 60 days / 30% - only 100 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

  • 5000 ASH - 180 days / 60% - only 20 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

  • 10000 ASH - 360 days / 120% - only 10 Aeneas Farm Cards will be minted

All the Aeneas Farm Cards are re-stackable, with daily payments, it can be traded any time at or at the Atomic Hub in the future!

The date of the drop will be announced later next week!

We would suggest for you get some additional influence at @cryptobrewmaster to be ahead of the competition!

ASH on Coingecko

  • ASH token made on the Hive Engine is fully backed by with original ASH Coin
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